The Best Bonuses and Promotions for World Cup 2018

World Cup 2018 Bonuses and Promotions

There’s not much that gets the juices flowing like the thought of the World Cup 2018 being on the horizon. Well, the 21st World Cup, hosted by Russia, is set to be one of the most exciting sporting events of recent times. To celebrate this, we are looking forward to seeing amazing World Cup 2018 bonuses and promotions. This is a tournament that has been steeped in controversy; the suitability of Russia as hosts has been called into question upon occasions. However, Russia it is.

There have been surprises already. Former World Cup winners Italy failed to make the cut, which is a shock for all. However, when the first kick off starts on June 14th, we are promised some of the most exciting games. We’ll see the best players in the world and goals that will make footballing history. Scorers from all over the world will fight it out to win the prestigious tournament Golden Boot as they hit the net to take their team to victory… Harry Kane is even in the running for England!

Top Form

With the recent friendlies that we have been witness to, people are already speculating over who will be the top team and who will be the top player. What teams have the best chances of winning? People the world over are already analysing every aspect of a team’s form. Is it strong at attach or counter-attack? Does it have a weak midfield? How reliable is that all important number one goalie?

However, it’s not only spectators who are watching wide-eyed. The best online bookmakers are also checking out current form. They are getting ready to work out the odds, offer the best deals and prices for the matches and get those World Cup 2018 promotions ready. This is a time for people to come together and to bet on the best players and the best teams around. If you are a fan of football betting, it doesn’t get better than this. Here are some of the top promotions to use when betting on World Cup football matches:


Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are always attractive, no matter when they are offered. However, when using welcome bonuses as your World Cup 2018 bonuses, you’ll get something very special. Not only will you have the options of earning free bets to place on your top team’s matches, but more will be available. The best online bookmakers will offer World Cup bonuses of special odds, matched bets and more. This is a great time to compare the best World Cup Bonuses on offer from each online bookie.

First Bet Promotions

If you signed up a while ago, but have yet to make your first bet, then a bookie might well be offering you a first bet promotion. If it comes in the form of a free bet, then what better way to spend a free bet or double an existing bet than on a top World Cup 2018 game.

Special Acca Insurance

If you’ve already joined and are looking for a lifetime bonus, then search for these. One of the best ways to bet on the World Cup is with an Accumulator Bet –acca. Some of the best online bookmakers offer Acca insurance. With accumulator bets, you combine a series of individual bets, and you will only get a payout if all of your bets are successful. Obviously, the more bets that make up your acca, the better the payout will be. With the World Cup coming up, some bookmakers may offer acca insurance. This means that if you make an acca consisting of at least 5 bets, then if one fails to come through, they’ll refund your bet. This is great as it allows you that little bit of freedom to be more daring.

FIFA Venue Ticketing Centre, Moscow, Russia - April 2018.

Other Promotions

The closer we get to the World Cup, the more offers there will be, specifically aimed towards the World Cup. You will be able to find special odds on offer for different selections, free World Cup bets and more. This is the perfect time to start your betting journey. It’s fair to say that the promotions and offers now will be better than ever. It’s more important than ever to keep an eye on those promotion pages as they will most certainly be updated regularly. This is a tournament that appeals to all and will see the best bettors and the newest bettors trying their luck; each wanting the best offers. With bookies fighting for your custom, it’s time to ride the World Cup wave and get your hands on the very best deals.

So, whether you want a risk free Free Bet, a double bet or even a more daring acca, there are all the best bonuses and promotions to make betting on the world cup even more thrilling. Regardless of whether you’re betting on your national team – or even against your national team; whether you are betting on your favourite player, or even on the number of red cards throughout the whole tournament, make sure you look out for all the best World Cup 2018 bonuses and promotions. Always remember to check out the terms carefully before you start, and then it’s time to start having fun.