Bet365 Bet Builder Explained - How It Works & How To Win

Bet365 Bet Builder Explained

All About The Bet365 Bet Builder

Modern gamblers are in charge of how they place their bets after throwing off the shackles that had been tightly clamped around their ankles by bookmakers for years. Boy does it feel good to be free. You can now bet where you want, when you want and on what you want.

The invention and growth in popularity of online gambling, either through your desktop or mobile app, puts the customer in charge. No longer did you have to bet on the strict markets priced up by traders after rushing down to your local bookie to beat the off time. You can now bet at home, on the bus, at work or even when out for dinner.

There are hundreds of pre-match markets available on hundreds of sports and divisions, including match winner, both teams to score, total goals, correct score and Asian handicap. Once the game has started the fun continues thanks to an ever-increasing number of in-play betting opportunities. Bet on many of the original markets, with the odds and lines constantly updated to keep pace with the flow of the game.

We have so much control over our bets, in fact, we now don’t even have to wait for them to finish, given the chance to cash out for a profit before the end with punters all over the country landing a pay-out for a bet that went on to become a loser from a winning position.

Betting Rules

Despite the sweeping changes, there was always one rule that held the industry back and that was the one that said you could only bet on one market per game. Despite offering hundreds of options before the start of a contest, you had to choose just one and stick with it. What if, amongst the sea of opportunities, four or five bets caught your eye? In the past that would mean you would have to place four or five singles, costing more than you had planned to spend.

Sure, you could place accumulators, but they were made up of one market from different matches, leaving punters rushing back and forth to keep an eye on games from different leagues, often with different kick-off times. It was too much like hard work and, in a time when backers were accustomed to getting what they wanted, that had to change.

It did change, thanks to the new and exciting Bet Builder promotion from Bet365. Many new ways to bet and promos do little more than catch the eye, offering a short-term interest before players move on to the next big development, but it was obvious from the start that this one would be different. Like in-play betting, cash out and online gambling, it was going to change how we gambled forever.

What is Bet Builder and How Does it Work?

So, what is Bet Builder and how can you use it to help land a profit from your betting? Let’s take a closer look at the weapon that has been added to punter’s arsenal in the on-going war with bookmakers for a profit.

The Bet365 Bet Builder gives a clue in the name. It’s a feature that allows you to build the bet you want, rather than sticking to the guidelines set out by traders. You can now choose from a growing number of betting markets, pick out what you fancy, discard what doesn’t appeal to you, and create a multiple from the one match.

Same-game multiples are nothing new these days, of course, but Bet365 was the first site to fully automate this service when launching in the winter of 2018, taking away the need to send a request to the trading or social media teams asking for permission. Modern gamblers don’t ask, they do and that’s why punters flocked to the Bet365 site to try this new way of playing, and it took off.

Exclusive to Bet365 at the time of writing, you can create the pre-match bet you want by adding together a number of markets in the same contest. Once you have confirmed the bet you want, the site will automatically offer you a price and if it is to your liking, all you have to do is set your stake and confirm the bet. You’ll be on and it’s time for the fun part.

Soccer and Bet Builder

Bet Builder is being rolled out to cover a range of different sports, but it started on football and we think it works best with the beautiful game. Throw together a bet and you’ll be watching the live match closely, keeping tabs on corners, fouls, assists, goal scorers, and plenty more besides.

Let’s look at an example of what a Bet Builder slip may look like on football, using a Premier League match between Liverpool and Chelsea on Sunday 14 April 2019…

  • Liverpool to win
  • Salah to score anytime
  • Over 10 corners in the match
  • A red card to be shown in the match
  • Over two goals in the game

Building Up the Wins

Add all these to your bet slip and you’ll be offered a price which, in this instance, would be 200/1. That means, of course, if you place a £5 bet on the above selections and they all win, you’ll be paid £1005. Please remember, as with any type of multiple or accumulator, all legs must win for your bet to be paid out as a winner. If one leg loses, the entire bet is settled as a loser. If one leg is void, Salah not playing, for example, the bet will be void and your stake returned. It’ll then be up to you to place another bet on the game if that is your plan.

You can add up to six selections to your bet and the markets covered is expanding all the time. When publishing it’s possible to choose from player to score, player to receive a card, result, double chance, total goals, corners, cards, throw-ins, goal kicks, both teams to score, half time/full time, score, half with more goals, team specials, team goal scorer, red card in match, winning margin and goals odd/even. As you can see, there’s more than enough to hold your interest there, but it’s worth checking through the list before betting as bet365 traders are improving the bet all the time.

Small Stakes Big Wins

As you can see from the example, this time of bet offers players the chance to win big for small stakes, but it also gives value for money as you are getting more for your stake. For one bet you will be made to work for your profit, but for the 90 minutes, you’ll have lots to check, covering both teams and even individual players. If everything goes to plan you could end up cheering a corner as the leg that pushed you over the line.

Fancy trying it for yourself? Placing a Bet Builder at Bet365 is quick and easy to do, regardless of if you are using the desktop site or mobile app. It’s so easy, in fact, it can be done in a few simple steps and we have laid out below how to place a Bet Builder bet…

How to Place a Bet365 Bet Builder

  • Choose soccer from the homepage
  • Pick your league, in this instance we used Premier League
  • Decide on your game from the list of Premier League fixtures
  • At the head of the page, you’ll see a list of options, including Bet Builder, Asian Handicap and Specials. Click on the Bet Builder option to open the tab
  • You will be presented with a blank Bet Builder slip. Click the + Add Selection option at the bottom left of the slip to begin making bets
  • Here you’ll see a list of markets, including player to score, player card, result
  • Click result, for example, and you’ll see the options available – match result, 1st half result, 2nd half result and 10-minute result. We’ll take match result
  • The option reads, match result will be – click the space to decide between the home win, away win and draw
  • You’ll see the odds attached to your selection then, if you’re happy, just click add this selection and it will appear on your bet slip. The more legs you add, the more the potential returns will grow

Everything Must Win

Remember, you can play a maximum of six selections on any one match, but they all have to win for your bet to be settled as a winner. There are a few terms and conditions that apply to this bet, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary and there’s nothing there designed to trip you up or ruin your enjoyment of placing a bet on the game. We advise reading through the T&Cs before placing a bet to ensure there are no nasty surprises in future but have picked out a few of the more important points worth noting…

  • You can only place one Bet Builder bet as a multiple. These types of bets can’t be combined with others from different games. So, for example, you can’t combine a Bet Builder from Man Utd v Man City with one from Tottenham v Arsenal to create a super accumulator.
  • Bets placed using the Bet Builder feature can’t be cashed out at any time and you can’t edit the bet to add or withdraw selections in-play. Once placed the bet must run to a conclusion.
  • If a market is made void, for whatever reason, the entire bet will be scratched, and your stake returned. This will be the case regardless of how the other legs in the bet get on.
  • Bet365 reserves the right to change, suspend or even remove legs from the Bet Builder feature at any time in any event.
  • The Bet Builder feature can’t be used alongside any other live Bet365 promotion, such as the 2 goals ahead early pay-out.

Ironing Out the Creases

The Bet365 Bet Builder is a relatively new promotion, and there were a few teething problems, but it’s fair to say it has taken the industry by storm and punters love it, flocking to the site to give it a try. It’ll hold your interest across a number of channels during one match, players ticking off bets as they go, including corners, goals and cards. The more legs you add, from two to six, the more you’ll have to watch and the bigger the potential pay-out.

Give it a try today. If you’re not already a member at Bet365, that’s easy to do too. Simply click any link to the Bet365 site you see on this page or site, enter your details, including name, address and postcode and confirm. After making a qualifying deposit and bet you may be eligible for a welcome bonus, which can be used on the Bet Builder promotion if you like. We loved this type of bet and we’re sure you will too. It was certainly a long time coming but players are glad Bet365 moved to fill the gap in the market and there will now be no looking back.


Can I place a Bet Builder bet?

If you have an active Bet365 account, you are eligible to take advantage of this bet and can do so by accessing the Bet Builder tab added to any major football match. It’s then a simple case of adding your selections and confirming the bet.

What if one player in my Bet Builder doesn’t play?

If any leg of your Bet Builder is void, for whatever reason, including a player not taking part, your entire bet will be made void and your stakes returned. It then doesn’t matter how the other legs get on, you will have to place another bet if you want to get back involved.

How many legs can I add to my Bet Builder?

A maximum of six selections can be added to your Bet Builder in any one game from the markets offered at the top of the page. Traders are always updating the list to keep it relevant, with an ever-increasing number of bets added.