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Ecopayz was established back in 2000 and the industry now considers it as one of the oldest e-wallets in the business. It’s also one of the biggest enterprises in sports betting, serving more than 173 countries in the world. It is now a widely recognised payment method within the online betting community and is accepted at many of the larger bookies. It's safe, secure and easy to use.

Sports Betting with Ecopayz

Ecopayz was established back in 2000 and the industry now considers it as one of the oldest e-wallets in the business. It’s also one of the biggest enterprises in sports betting, serving more than 173 countries in the world.

PSI-Pay Ltd. is the parent company of Ecopayz, a UK based business. It is duly authorised by the Financial Services Authority and is regulated by the FCA.

This global online payment provider offers its clientele a convenient, flexible, safe way to pay and receive money. The ecoCard is an alternative to its e-wallet service and you can use it for payments and other transactions through millions of online merchants.

You are also able to use the ecoCard to pay for goods from vendors who take MasterCard. Ecopayz is one of the most trusted payment channels and e-wallets in the world of sports betting today.

We should also point out, however, that Ecopayz is a relative newcomer when it comes to sports betting – but they have been around for quite some time. Other e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill have enjoyed a longer period of recognition in the industry.

The reason why it doesn’t have the same breadth of experience as historic e-wallets that serve the online betting market is that its services initially focused on other online transactions. Other e-wallets, like Moneybookers, have devoted their services solely on punters.

Why Use Ecopayz with Your Online Bookmaker?

Does that mean the services that Ecopayz offer is below-par compared to other companies who have been at it for much longer? Well, the answer is no. Even though it hasn’t focused on online betting and other related services, it has a lot of experience dealing with pretty much the same transactions as a general service e-wallet.

On top of that, Ecopayz is one of the few e-wallet service companies that provide 24/7 customer service. Note that it is a global e-wallet with clients across different countries. That means it provides customer service in different languages. That also means it can process transactions in different currencies – well, it actually covers 45 currencies globally.

That puts it on the same level as any other online payment provider – what makes it unique? What really makes Ecopayz stand out against other providers is the fact that it has a solid reputation.

A lot of bookies trust Ecopayz, unlike other providers who have at times been associated with bonus abusers and such. Yes, you read that right; there are those who abuse bonuses which is why some payment providers have trust and reputation issues.

This means you will rarely have any trouble claiming a sign-up bonus or any other bonus provided for in an online betting site. You can generally claim every bonus offer you can find and not get any issues having them credited to your account.


The Pros and Cons of Using EcoPayz

Let’s go over the advantages and disadvantages of using Ecopayz for your bookmaker transactions. We’ll begin with the pros.


  • Ecopayz has 16 years of experience in processing online transactions.
  • It offers 24/7 customer support.
  • There is no need for any credit checks when you top up your account through your bank account.
  • The service is available worldwide covering 173 countries and utilising 45 currencies.
  • You can also use EcoCards as an alternative to access your funds.
  • The company provides top-notch security for its clients. There is no need to reveal your personal information to your bookmaker when making your transactions.

The Cons

  • There are bookies who do not accept Ecopayz as a payment option – there are a few top bookmakers who do not use the Ecopayz service.
  • All electronic transactions through this online payment provider are done through your bank account. There are no alternatives.
  • Fees will be applied when you make a card deposit or bank wire.


Security and Safety

Security is an important facet of any e-wallet service. This is also a huge issue for sports bettors. You should note that in this industry, there is a lot of money moving and exchanging hands, which is why bookies and bettors make security a top priority. It is important to secure the customer’s funds and also the funds that are in transit as you transfer them.

Because of this Ecopayz uses a two-step authentication system to make sure that every transaction and account is secure. Every time you use your account on either your computer or your mobile device, the system will create a one-time use code for that transaction and that transaction only. You will use this code along with your login information. This step alone increases the level of security to a rather drastic level.

The 2 step authentication system is doubly secure. Note that the Ecopayz app creates a new authentication every 30 seconds, so there is a low probability that anyone can hack their way to your account.

How to Use Ecopayz for Your Bookie Transactions

As stated elsewhere here, all of the transactions that you will be making when using Ecopayz will only go through your bank. There are no third party vendors that can facilitate your transactions.

Nevertheless, topping up your bookmaker account through this eWallet is hassle-free. You can use your credit card to top up your account or if you prefer to use your debit card then you can go for that option.

You need to go to your bookie withdrawal or payment page, enter your account info, and then select Ecopayz as your payment processor. They will then ask you to enter the amount you would like to deposit or withdraw. You will then need to confirm this transaction by entering your credentials at the Ecopayz page.

Your Ecopayz account provides you with a couple of options when you withdraw your funds. The first option is through your bank account, which means they will make an interbank deposit. The other option is via an EcoCard, which you can use directly for your transactions. Note that each payment method has a different term and fee. For instance, they will process a credit card or debit card top-up immediately. They will also charge you a 1.69% transaction fee.

Time scales

A local bank deposit will mark up your account within 1 to 3 days and it usually carries a 2% processing fee. On the other hand, an international bank deposit takes around 1 to 4 business days but it is actually free of charge. We need to mention here also that Ecopayz actually offers another feature – the ecovoucher. This feature works like any other physical voucher but this one is electronic. If you are familiar with Paysafecard then you already know how this card works because they work the same way.

There are retailers who sell these vouchers and you can use them directly. To use them you need to enter your bookie account information and the 18 number pin that you can find on the voucher. Enter that and they will instantly top-up your account. This online payment provider also provides you with yet another option via the Ecopayz MasterCard. This allows you to keep your credit card information private, which increases the level of security that you will experience. Ecopayz will supply you with a free Ecopayz MasterCard after registering an account on its official website. You can use this card to withdraw your winnings via any ATM available that supports transactions via MasterCard.


Top Bookmakers that Use Ecopayz

If you have an Ecopayz account and you’re wondering where you can use it, here are a few suggested online betting sites that you can opt for.

  • Guts – is considered as one of the innovative bookmakers in the industry. One interesting innovation that you might want to look into is the welcome bonus. You can use the Ecopayz service to get your rewards immediately. On top of that, they also have top-notch mobile services so you can carry out your transactions as you go.
  • 888sport – This bookie enjoys a global presence and they also offer high odds. It’s actually one of the oldest sportsbooks in the world. They also accept many payment methods which include Ecopayz, obviously. You can also browse through hundreds of their daily live events which are also covered through live streaming in full HD.

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Updated on:20 April 2024
Updated on:20 April 2024