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Falling in Love with Love Island – Love Island Betting Winter 2020

Want to Bet on Love Island Winter 2020? Here’s Our Love Island Betting Guide

There are many people who call Love Island trash television – and they have a point. However, no-one can deny its popularity. Everyone has a guilty pleasure, and for many it starts in June and follows the love lives of ridiculously glamorous youngsters on the island of Majorca. But, good news for some of us – there’s now Love Island Winter edition! The youngsters desert Majorca and head to South Africa for a sunnier – and hotter – winter… where temperatures will surely be raised! Now, you can now get even more involved – and we’re not talking about a ménage a trois. You can now find top bookies who offer Love Island betting and special betting offers. As Love Island’s popularity soars, so does the popularity of Love Island betting. Let’s look at everything you need to know about Love Island Winter 2019.

All You Need to Know and More

Where and When

It’s official. The new season of Love Island hits our screen on 8th January 2020. The show is shown every evening – usually at 9pm on ITV2. However, on occasions, it is later, and on occasions, it runs longer than normal. Also, there is one show per week that just shows a catch-up of the week’s action with some unseen footage.

The Location

Love Island Winter isn’t just a fictional place, it’s set in a specially made villa in Cape Town, South Africa. The summer in South Africa is from December all the way through to march, so there will be lots of opportunities for the contestants to get their bikinis and swim trunks on.

The Host

So, what lucky presenter is paid to spend over a month in South Africa, hanging out with lots of good-looking youngsters? The answer is Caroline Flack… as normal. Former Strictly Come Dancing winner has been on the scene since the mid-2000s. She’s had roles on shows such as X Factor, Eurovision and Gladiators and has been part of the Love Island family since 2017. People know her for getting on very well with some of the contestants at the after-party – as she likes a good party in the sun! Joining her will be Iain Sterling for his normal stint as the comedic voice of the villa.

Love Island on Social Media

Once the villa doors are open, it’s tough to avoid it on Social Media. If you do want to follow it, then there’s a dedicated Twitter handle  – which is @LoveIsland. Here you’ll get all the most up-to-date news and gossip on the show. Then, once you get to know the contestants and couples, you’ll be able to follow them. You’ll also find the twitter feeds inundated with all sorts of hash tags – #tommyandmolly being a popular one from the summer.

Love Island Lies

One of the most popular episodes of every season was the famous/infamous Lie Detector episode. Here, all the contestants could compile a list of questions that they want to ask their partner. This could make or break a relationship depending on the outcome. Asking your beau if there’s someone they prefer to you is always a tricky one. This episode often shook up the most seemingly solid of couples and always made a stormy sea when it had previously been plain sailing. However, due to controversy surrounding this and contestants’ mental health, this has now been scrapped.

Being a Winner in Love

So, is there a recipe to become a Love Island winner? How do you get the prize money? Well, the first contestants to enter the villa are not the only ones – as contestants come and go during the weeks in the villa. The initial female contestants then step forward for the guys they fancy and want to couple up with – and there’s always some poor guy who gets no-one. Each week, there are additions to the household, who have to ‘graft’ to win over the contestants. Couples recouple every week, and if there’s an odd number, the one who doesn’t get picked goes home. Generally, the most successful contestants are those who stay together from the first day. If you have managed to graft enough to stay on the island till the end, the public vote for their favourite couple to win the £50,000. One of them then gets the cheque and can either keep the money or split it with their partner.

Getting On Love Island

Interested in being a contestant? Well, it helps if you have a small connection to celebrity – i.e. celebrity friends/family or some kind of past. Obviously, one of the biggest assets is a decent body and good-looking face. A big personality is always helpful too.  However, not everyone is the perfect model. There have been a few successful male applicants – Nathan Massey and Jack Fincham – that haven’t just got on the show, but won it. Not sure that works for the women though…

Love Island Lingo

If you have never watched Love Island, then some of the phrases can be quite confusing…

  • Grafting – working on a girl / boy to couple up
  • Melt – a soft or soppy person
  • Mugged off – Making someone look foolish
  • Pied off – ignored someone’s advances
  • My Type on Paper – the sort of person they would generally go for
  • Doing Bits – obvious really…. Going a bit further than kissing
  • Muggy – Someone taking you for a fool – ‘That was a muggy thing to do’.
  • Salty – could mean sexy, bitchy or aggressive
  • Stick it on him/her – make a move on someone
  • Crack on – move on with someone else
  • Snakey – someone that is underhand
  • Full on Factor 50 – laying it on thick
  • Eggs in one basket – putting all your attention on one person
  • Vibing – getting on well with someone

Betting on Love Island

The Best Love Island Betting Odds

Like any event you bet on, looking at the best odds for Love Island is super important. When the show is on, many bookies will offer great offers and promos to get you betting on their couples. The bookies will then base their odds on the popularity of the couple and the public perception. To find out who’ll give you the best value, check out Social Media and find out who’s popular, and who’s not. Facebook and Twitter will be heaving with info and opinions. If you want to find a value bet, look to see what the popular opinion is and whose odds give you the best value to reflect that.

Love Island Betting Tips and Strategies?

Because of the comings and goings, it’s not easy to predict. Not only do people leave the villa, but they also enter it mid-show. These people can really shake it all up and throw the previous odds out the window. Generally, the public love a couple that get on well from the start and stay loyal to each other – take Jack and Dani, Cara and Nathan, Kem and Amber. These couples always have a journey, but always stick together. If looking for a good bet, look for a couple that aren’t necessarily given lots of airtime at the beginning. The less time they have on the screen, the higher the odds on them will be. You have to look for a contestant that is likeable. A popular contestant will stay on the island, and the public will like them. Arrogant contestants, argumentative contestants and flaky contestants aren’t liked, so steer clear of those. Looking at the previous winners, the pattern is clear – people either vote for the low key, faithful couple, or the woman that has been treated badly by men but has made it through to the final in a couple – prime example – Amber and Greg – winners of summer 2019.

Types of Love Island Bets

People have been betting on Love Island since it first came back on the scene in 2015. Bookies offered winner markets, as they did on TV shows like X-Factor, BGT and Strictly Come Dancing. However, they have now got even more markets available, such as the week of elimination etc.

Life after Love Island

The Highs

There are many contestants who have used Love Island to further their careers and have done so successfully. Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay have had their own spin-off show, and Kem went on to star in Dancing on Ice.  He also has had some presenting gigs, where Chris has made regular appearances on ITV Racing, where he is known in the horse racing scene. Wes has been on Dancing on Ice and was part of a Love Island pop group on X-Factor Celebrity – No Love Lost – with Eyal, Zara and Samira. Alex and Olivia got married; Cara and Nathan are getting married and there have been Love Island babies. Jamie and Camilla used it as a platform to further humanitarian work and raise the profiles of charities. Maura is also set to star on Dancing on Ice and has done some presenting as well as her beau, Curtis.

The Lows

Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out so well for all contestants. The show hit the headlines recently because of the suicides of 2 previous contestants – Sophie Gradon and Mike Thalassitis. Although there is no substantial link to the show, there have been accusations that these youngsters are thrown to the wolves and offered no after care. The Love Island spokespersons have insisted that the aftercare is important and the contestants have access to care whenever needed. Last season, none of the couples have remained together, which is the first time there has been no successful relationship to come from a season.

Previous Winners

Year Winning Couple
Love Island 2019 Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea
Love Island 2018 Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer
Love Island 2017 Kem Cetinay and Amber Davis
Love Island 2016 Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde
Love Island 2015 Jessica Hayes and Max Morley
Celebrity Love Island 2006 Calum Best and Bianca Gascoigne
Celebrity Love Island 2005 Fran Cosgrave and Jayne Middlemiss


This Year’s Contestants

The Boys


The Girls


Love Island Betting Odds and Tips Winter 2019

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