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Game of Thrones Betting Tips – Who Will Be the Ruler of Westeros?

It has been a long time coming, but finally winter has arrived. Fans of the series have been waiting for two years, and are foaming at the mouth to see who will rule Westeros when the curtains come down on the Seven Kingdoms. If it wasn’t exciting enough to watch, you can also make your bets on it… and put your money on your favourite prospect. It’s time for our best Game of Thrones betting tips.

So, who is the favourite? Who have the bookies crowned King – or indeed Queen? There are lots of people with a claim and fighting for the position. Snow has now told Daenerys that he, too, is a Targaryen. Will he fight for the crown? Will he go against the Khalisi? Let’s look at all the characters and see who should – or will be the ruler.


The Odds

CharacterBest Odds
Gendry2/1 at Unibet
Jon Snow5/2 at 888sport
Sansa Stark4/1 at Unibet
Bran Stark4/1 at Unibet
Arya Stark5/1 at 888sport
Daenerys Targaryen8/1 at Unibet
Little Finger10/1 at 888sport
Tyrion Lannister12/1 at 888sport
Samwell Tarly16/1 at Unibet
Lord Varys20/1 at Unibet
Cersei Lannister33/1 at 888sport
Jaime Lannister40/1 at Unibet
Brienne of Tarth80/1 at 888sport
Bronn80/1 at Unibet
Grey Worm100/1 at Unibet
Euron Greyjoy100/1 at 888sport
Podrick Payne15/1 at Unibet


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    The Top 5 Picks…


    5) Arya Stark – 5/1 at 888sport

    The deadly daughter of Ned Stark has certainly raised some eyebrows. The tomboy went on quite some journey to finally be reunited with the Stark clan, teaming up with The Hound to create a very odd alliance. Since reuniting with Sansa, their relationship was somewhat strained, with Little Finger stirring up trouble – but he was seemingly disposed of. This female character has got stronger and stronger, with her ability to kill being unquestionable.

    However, will she take the throne? For that to happen many must die… but this is GoT – that could well happen. However, even if there is a mass cull on the main characters, this is one character that has never really expressed the desire to rule. Wouldn’t that be ironic?


    4) Bran Stark – 4/1 at Unibet

    Bran has been a quiet yet increasingly interesting character. After suffering a fall (or push, courtesy of Jaime Lannister) in the first season, he has lost the use of his legs. However, he seems to have gained mystic powers and he’s a warg – and is the three-eyed raven. Some even believe him to be the Night King). Because of these powers, he’s one of the favourites to rule. He seems to have destine on his side. He might not be the biggest and strongest, but he has the ability to affect the past and to even control time. This makes him more powerful than many others. Unless he dies, it is very difficult to see a way that he can be overthrown.

    He may not have the following of Jon Snow, but there’s something there that we can’t ignore – and he can’t be ignored to rule the kingdom.


    3) Jon Snow (Aegon Targaryen) – 5/2 at 888sport

    Jon Snow, for most of the seasons, was thought to be the bastard son of Ned Stark – therefore with no proper claim to the Stark’s inheritance, and certainly no claim to the throne. However, it was only recently that we discovered that Snow is, in fact, the son of Rhaegar Targaryen (Daenerys’ brother) and Lyanna Stark (Ned Stark’s sister). He is, therefore, a Targaryen prince – and nephew of Daenerys. He is, then. An obvious contender for the throne – and as such has odds of 5/2 at 888sport.

    However, Jon Snow is quite the fighter and is at the forefront of all battles. He seems to have had more lives than a cat… but how long can this last? If he manages to make it through the season to the end, his claim could be the winning one…


    2) Sansa Stark – 4/1 at Unibet

    The older daughter of Ned Stark, Sansa has seen some unkind things in her time. She witnessed the beheading of her father and was forced to marry the evil young King, Joffrey Lannister. After his death, she managed to make a getaway and eventually made it back up north, with the questionable help of Little Finger – her longtime admirer (allegedly).

    If Jon Snow does die in battle, then Sansa Stark isn’t a bad bet. She has shown that she is one tough woman – and has a lust for power, taking control of Winterfell as Jon Snow went to plead for Daenerys’ help. She has proved herself a worthy leader and would be a fair one too.


    Number 1 – Tyrion Lannister – 12/1 at 888sport

    The only Lannister that everyone likes. He was the dwarf that never quite fit in. In a family of beauties, he was the odd one out. However, what he lacked in looks and height, he made up for in smarts, cunning and lovability. He is quite possibly the best loved of all the characters. Turning his back on the Lannister siblings after killing his dad – who was about to put him to death, he fled to Daenerys and became a loyal and trusted adviser. Looking at what we know, there are apparently no links between him and the Iron Throne. He is the Lannister brother with no claim.

    However, theories circulate that he is, in fact, the son of the Mad King and a Targaryen. If this were true, then it would make him Daenerys’ older brother. As such, he would be the heir of the Iron Throne. Wouldn’t that be an ending to make people happy?

    The Odds They Are a Changing

    Every week, the favourite to rule the kingdom changes. Currently Gendry (bastard son of Robert Baratheon) is sitting in top spot. However, many still believe it will be Bran Stark.

    The odds of the mother of dragons, Daenerys, are getting higher – and her claim to the throne seems to be decreasing.

    At the start of the final season, pretty much all bookies agreed that Bran Stark was to be the favourite. He did get as low as 4/5 at times, but is now sitting steady at 2/1 with most sites.  This is a good time to bet on the favourites, as theories are aplenty that he is the Night King.

    Some might believe a plot twist is inevitable, with Jon Snow defeating the White Walkers to take his place on the throne. Not an obvious outcome, but it has good odds if that’s where you want to go with it.

    However, we think that if there were to be a plot twist, a favourite would be that Tyrion is revealed to be the son of the Mad King – and the heir to the throne. Seeing him sitting on the throne would be a satisfying end to many… let’s look at the facts:

    Tywin Lannister has always hated Tyrion – allegedly, because his wife dies whilst giving birth to him – and of course, his deformity. However, theory abounds that the hate is because Tyrion is actually the outcome of an affair between Tywen’s wife – Joanna – and the Mad King Aerys Targaryan.

    We already know that the king was fond of her – and as a King, he always got what he wanted. An affair isn’t inconceivable. This would explain the depth of Tywin’s hatred for Tyrion. Another head scratcher was when Tyrion went to the dragons in season 6 – and they didn’t unleash fire and fury on him.

    Our Tip: Tyrion Lannister to end up on the throne – 12/1 at 888sport.

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