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Football Transfer Betting and Transfer Odds

One of the most exciting times for any football fan is transfer season. Football transfer betting windows are open in summer – before the start of the new season, and then again in January – mid-season. This gives the managers a chance to see where things need improving – and can spend their cash to get their players. They can then strengthen their team in the aim for championships glory – league glory – or even just survival if that’s what is needed.

However, it’s not just the clubs and players that can benefit financially from transfer season. If you’re a fan of football betting, then you can take advantage of the best transfer betting odds as well as exciting transfer specials. There will be plenty of varied transfer odds markets as well as heaps of rumors and information on all the latest happenings.

Betting on Transfers

Football transfers betting is a huge market – and with increased gossip and speculation on social media, it’s more accessible to all. Because it’s so different from betting on the outcome of a match, it’s fun and exciting. Therefore, you can find transfer betting odds in pretty much all online bookmakers.

One of the best places to find the best transfer betting odds on the market is Ladbrokes. On big bookmakers such as these, you can find odds on huge name transfers, including Premier League, La Liga, Serie A transfers etc. You can also find odds on the players that aren’t making the headlines – including The Championship etc.

The Best Bookmakers for Football Transfer Betting

It’s not always easy to decide which online bookmaker to go with when making your bets on football transfers. The best bookmakers not only give you the best prices, odds and promotions, they also offer a more in-depth betting market. Here are our top bookmakers for transfer betting.

William Hill

One of the best things about transfer betting at William Hill is the depth of the markets on offer – especially in the height of the transfer season. When betting on transfers at Will Hill, you’ll be able to find lower leagues as well.


Bet365 offers great odds on everything and betting on transfers is no different. Alongside great offers and promotions, the market is pretty decent as well.


Although they might not have a particularly wide-ranging variety of player markets, the odds on offer are always very good – and some of the best around. If you are looking for the most competitive odds on a well-known player moving, then you’ll be very satisfied with what’s on offer at Ladbrokes.

Transfer Special Offers

As you can imagine, there will be times that bookmakers will offer up advanced specials on their transfer odds. Generally, this comes about when there’s a particular player that is making a lot of headlines with lots of speculation over his next club. This would normally cover the odds that the player will stick with their current team, odds on the possible moves and odds on whether the player will move in August or January. Ladbrokes often offer great odds like this.

The Transfer Window

So, what exactly is the football transfer window? Well, it is a set amount of time where football clubs can buy or sell players to either strengthen or trim down their squads. Every country’s football league can choose when their transfer window is, so not all leagues have the same dates. However, no matter when these dates are, the window can be no longer than 12 weeks.

However, be aware that it is possible that a footballer can be transferred from a club whose league has closed the transfer window if he is moving to a football club where the window is still open.

Obviously, there’s a transfer window pre-season, (before the season starts). However, there’s also often a short transfer window mid-season. Therefore, it can mean that there are transfer windows open at various times across the world – as some leagues start in spring/summer, whereas others might start later on in the year.

Transfer Window Dates

LeaguePre-Season Transfer Mid-Season Transfer 
English Premier League11 June – 8 August1 January – 31 January
La Liga1 June – 2 September1 January – 31 January
Serie A1 July – 23 August1 January – 31 January
Bundesliga1 July – 2 September1 January – 31 January
Ligue 111 June – 2 September1 January – 31 January
Scottish Premier League11 June – 2 September1 January – 31 January
Sweden12 January – 4th April17 July – 13 August

The End of the Transfer Window

The end of the transfer window which is now known as Transfer Deadline Day and is considered to be one of the most important dates on the annual sporting calendar. Some even treat is like a national holiday. The excitement ups as there is a last-minute scurry of activity. Clubs are scrambling to make last-minute purchases and last-minute sales. All of this excitement – with the dramatic sales, makes it a ‘can’t miss’ event in anyone’s football diary.

What happens when it’s done? Well, this is where the clubs need to integrate their new players into their clubs. They bring the new team together and start training with the hope of reaping the rewards of their purchases. However, the gossip will never stop. The transfer rumors will be bubbling over until the next transfer window opens.

The Transfer Market – How it Works

There is much talk of the transfer market – but how does it actually work? Well, the transfer market allows players to move between clubs, leagues and association in a set period of time. Because of the possibilities, the fans love this time of year. However, the clubs aren’t as fond. To many clubs and managers, it’s a nuisance. In fact, there are some who would actually like to see an all-year-round transfer market. This would mean that the top players won’t be ‘tapped up’ during these set period of times. This would then hopefully stop players being ‘priced out of reach’.

Actually, a club can sell a player to another club after the final fixture of the season. However, the player won’t be able to officially make that move until July 1st because most contracts don’t expire until 30th June in Europe. However, in MLS leagues, contracts can expire at the end of the year.

Simply put, one club makes another club an offer for a player. If the club accepts the offer, then these clubs, agents and players will go into discussions, where the outcome of the player is decided. There might also be a loan deal decided in a transfer window. This is where a player is loaned from one club to another in order to get more game time. The player then comes back to its own club, hopefully as a first-team player.

The Most Expensive Football Transfers Ever

Here’s a list of the top 10 most expensive transfers of all time:

  • Neymar – From Barcelona to PSG in 2017 for €222m
  • Mbappè – From Monaco to PGS in 2017 for €180m
  • Coutinho – From Liverpool to Barcelona in 2018 for €160m
  • Dembele – From Borussia Dortmund to Barcelona in 2017 for €145m
  • Hazard – From Chelsea to Real Madrid in 2019 for €140m
  • Joao Felix – From Benfica to Atletico Madrid in 2019 for €126m
  • Griezmann – From Atletico Madrid to Barcelona in 2019 for €120m
  • Pogba – From Juventus to Manchester United in 2016 for €105m
  • Bale – From Tottenham to Real Madrid in 2013 for €101m
  • Ronaldo – From Real Madrid to Juventus in 2018 for €100m

The above list is expected not to change after the Mid-Season Transfer Session in January 2020 as, as usual, big players won’t move out from their current teams. We do expect some big shakes to the above list in the summer when EURO2020 will be played as there are always .

Also, rumors say that Pogba and Neymar but also Koulibaly and Maxi Gomez are set to start the new football season in a different team and, most likely, a different league, too.