IFK Göteborg v AIK betting tips, odds and predictions 27/9

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27/9 IFK Göteborg v AIK Betting Tips and Predictions

Today’s game is one of the biggest games in Sweden. Or at least it used to be: IFK Göteborg v AIK.  However, IFK Göteborg is not what it used to be, and AIK is on its way to winning Allsvenskan. So, let’s see what we can find in today’s game.

Our Prediction For This Game:

IFK Göteborg will play against AIK at home. This used to be one of the biggest games, and when the schedule came out it was widely believed that both teams would fight for first place and that this would be the game that would decide the ultimate winner. Not so. IFK Göteborg has had many problems, and they have been playing badly of late. There is even a slim chance that they may get relegated this season. AIK, on the other hand, have to win today to ensure they win Allsvenskan. Therefore, we will bet on an away victory, and 888sport offers us 1.75 in odds for that. Today we will invest 4 units.

IFK Göteborg:

IFK Göteborg has had many problems during the last few years. They are on the edge of collapse and are losing money like never before. Then, last week was a total disaster: Mats Gren, the sports manager, was about to get fired but because of his connections with the hooligan of IFK Göteborg, Wiseman, he was able to keep his position. In the derby against BK Häcken last week they lost 4-1. The club has suffered 4 defeats in a row and now they will meet the best team this year. In our opinion, this can only end one way.


AIK have suffered only one defeat this season in Allsvenskan. They have played great football and we’re pretty sure that they will win convincingly today.  Also, AIK has a great defence, having won 9 out of the 10 of their last games. The club goes to Gothenburg today with only one goal, and that’s is to bring the maximum 3 points back to Solna!

Reason for and against the tip:

✓ AIK have 9 wins out of their 10 last games.
✓ AIK have won the 2 last meetings with IFK Göteborg.
✘ IFK Göteborg is only 5 points from the relegation line and they are in desperate need of some points today.


Tip: AIK to win

Odds: 1.75 @888Sport
Time: 18:00
Units: 4/5

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