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Greyhounds Betting Tips

In the UK, Greyhound racing is one of the most popular sports to bet on. There are even some out there, who prefer to bet on greyhound racing over horse racing. For the fans out there, it’s fast and intense. They seem to be over before they begin. The speed and shortness of the races seems to add to the excitement. They need to be quick out of the starting block or there’s not much time to make up ground.

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Making the Most of Greyhound Betting Tips

Here are our top Greyhound betting tips. If you are a big fan of greyhound betting, or if you are new to greyhound betting, you will want to make sure you are as successful as possible. In order to be successful, not only do you need to employ the best strategies and get the best odds, but it’s also important to look or the top greyhound betting tips.

Often, tipsters will point you in the right direction for the best places to bet and the best time to bet. There will be times when certain bookies are offering enhanced odds if you make your bet early. They could also point out if there are bookies offering ‘best price’ or ‘best odds guaranteed’.

However, the top greyhound betting tipsters not only check out the stats to predict the winner, but they’ll also look for where the value bets are. As such, there will be plenty of different types of greyhound betting tips available. Here are some of the greyhound tips you might come across:

Types of Greyhound Betting Tips

When you look for tips, you don’t just want the ‘winner’ betting tips, as the value sometimes lies elsewhere. Here are the types of betting tips you might come across:

Betting to Win Tips

This is the most common type of greyhound betting tip – and is the easiest to understand. Basically, the tipster will look at all the information available to predict who will win the race outright. They should also tell you where the best bookie is to place that bet in terms of offers and prices available.

Betting Each Way Tips

An each-way betting tip is popular in both greyhound betting and horse racing betting. So, an each-way bet is really two bets on a dog. This is when a tipster is confident a dog will do well, but not convinced that an outright win is clear. An each-way bet sees you put half of your stake on the dog to win and the other half is on the dog to place (place depends on the number of runners – often 1-2-3-4). Should your greyhound win, then you’ll win both parts of your bet. However, if it places, the payout is a fraction of the win – generally ¼. However, a tipster can only give an each-way tip of there is a minimum of five runners.
Number of Dogs in Race Each Way Price and Placing
2-4 Win Only
5-7 Odds – ¼ Placing 1,2
8+ Odds- 1/5 Placing 1,2,3

An example – The tip says: Fleur de Lys – Each Way. Imagine you bet £50 each way on this tip (£100). The odds on the win are 10/1 and there are 8 runners.
If the dog wins, you win £550 for the win (£500 plus £50 stake) and then you’d receive £100 for the place (10/1 divided by 5 – for 8+ runners) = 2/1 odds x £50 stake.
However, a tipster will only recommend an each-way bet if the dogs’ odds are high enough. If the dog has odds of 4/1, the place part of the each-way bet would be just 1/1 – therefore there would be no gain to be had if the dog finishes 2nd.

Place Only Betting Tips

If a tipster believes that dog has the chance of a place (2nd or 3rd depending on the number of runners), but doesn’t stand much chance of winning. However, tipsters would very rarely recommend this as you could be backing a winner, but would only be backing it at ¼ or 1/5 of the odds. This would be frustrating if your dog wins.

Forecast and Tricast Betting Tips

A forecast betting tip is where a tipster picks dogs that will place 1st and 2nd, or 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the right order. This is one that most tipsters will steer clear of, as this is much harder to predict, although the odds are way higher to reflect this.

Straight Forecast Tips

This involves the tipster selecting the dogs they believe will place 1st and 2nd – again in the right order. As before, this is tougher to predict, so the odds are higher, but there won’t be many tips available.

Reverse Forecast and Tricast Betting Tips

These betting tips are similar to the forecast and tricast bets, but the main difference is that the dogs you pick do not have to place in the same order as predicted on your betting slip. The ‘reverse’ aspect of the bet covers all the different permutations. Therefore, your stake will be higher as a result.

Accumulator / Multiple Betting Tips

If you can get an Acca tip that is correct, then you could end up a very happy – and well-off punter. These tips are your road to possible riches. Should a tipster get this right, then there could be a life-changing amount of money at stake. Here are the types of Acca tips you might find:
Double tip – where a tipster will pick two winners from different races and combine into one bet.
Treble tip – where a tipster will pick three winners from different races and combine into one bet.
Trixie tip – Where a tipster picks three dogs combined into 3 doubles and 1 treble (4 bets). Here you only need 2 of the dogs to win in order to get a reward. Because it is 4 bets, the stake will be 4-times as much.
There are all sizes of Acca tips that are available when the tipster is feeling confident. These are very rare tips to find, but definitely the most lucrative if available. The bigger the Acca, the bigger the win.
Check out all out greyhound betting tips today to see what is happening today.