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Darts Betting Tips

Putting wagers on darts matches is becoming increasingly popular across the UK and Europe. There are a number of tournaments to bet on; as well as a wide number of markets from which you can choose. How do you successfully bet on darts for a profit? Find out more with our guide to making the most of darts betting tips.

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Darts Betting Tips – Betting on Darts: Putting the Art in Darts

Here are our top farts betting tips. Putting wagers on darts matches is becoming increasingly popular across the UK and Europe. There are a number of tournaments to bet on; as well as a wide number of markets from which you can choose. How do you successfully bet on darts for a profit?

Obviously, there are shooting events in athletics; however, aside from that, darts is a sport – the sport that is all about precision. Players stand precisely seven feet, nine and a quarter inches away from the target. They are then required to consistently hit minuscule targets – less than one inch, with hand-thrown arrows. It’s tougher than it looks. To test the best, there is a World Grand Prix held every year, where players need to hit a double before they can even start aiming for the trebles.

The whole idea is that a player scores exactly 501 points in as few darts as possible (nine darts being the best possible). However, looking at the markets, there’s much to bet on.

Darts Betting Online

There is an element of snobbery; people just see darts as a pub sport played by men who like alcohol and cigarettes far too much. However, the PDC has transformed darts into a sport that now fills arenas full of fans.

The darts year starts with the weekly Premier League of darts, which runs every spring. There is a total prize purse of £725,000 and the final is held in the O2 Arena, London, which holds up to 20,000 fans!

Then, of course, there’s the annual World Championship, which is held at the Alexandra Palace in London. This has a first prize of £300,000 and a total prize purse of an insane £1,500,000. This event has been dominated by the biggest names in darts, including Phil Taylor, Michael Van Gerwen, Raymond Van Barneveld, John Part and recently Gary Anderson.

Darts actually has two separate governing bodies. The biggest and possibly most well-known is the PDC, which has coverage from Sky TV. There‘s also the BDO – British Darts Organisation, which has been around for longer but is less lucrative than its counterpart. You can bet on both organisations, but generally, there will be more odds, tips and markets available for the ODC. This is generally where you’ll see the best players in the sport.

Darts can be absolutely thrilling and very nerve-wracking to watch – and it gets even more exciting when you bet on the matches.

The Best Tournaments to Bet On

If you are betting on darts, then all games have great markets to bet on. However, there are the best tournaments – held in the UK and Ireland, which offer the best betting opportunities. Here are the best tournaments to bet on:

World Darts ChampionshipDecember – JanuaryAlexandra Palace
UK OpenMarchButlins Minehead
World MatchplayJulyBlackpool Winter Gardens
World Grand PrixOctoberCitywest Hotel, Dublin
Grand Slam of DartsNovemberWolverhampton Civic Hall
Players Championship FinalsNovemberButlins Minehead
European ChampionshipVariousEthias Arena, Belgium

Almost every month there’s a top event to bet on, even throughout Europe. With more tournaments being held in countries such as Austria, Belgium, Germany and Holland – as well as clothes further afield such as China, Thailand, Japan and South Africa as well as being played in Canada and the USA.

BDO Tournaments

BDO MajorDatePlace
BDO World Darts ChampionshipJanuaryLakeside
World MastersBetween September / DecemberHull City Hall
BDO World TrophyMayEvent City, Manchester
Finder Darts MastersDecemberZuiderduin Hotel, Holland
Category A+ Tournaments
Dutch OpenJanuaryDe Bonte Wever, Holland
England ClassicSeptemberBunn Leisure Holiday Centre
England OpenJuneBunn Leisure Holiday Centre
Isle of Man OpenMarchVilla Marina Complex
Welsh OpenMayPontins, Prestatyn

How to Bet on Darts

There are different types of ways to bet on darts, aside from simply the winner between the two players. Here are the most popular bets available – and the best markets to win your online bets.

The Most 180s

It’s pretty clear to know what this darts betting strategy is. Exactly what it says. There are usually very good odds available for this market – and many underdogs are very over-priced here. The treble twenty is a very small area on the dartboard – should the favourite have an odd day, betting on the underdog could be a very profitable idea.

Strangely enough, not many 180s markets reflect the odds on offer for a straight winner market. Recognising this and exploiting it can earn you some decent profit. So – get to know your players, watch them play and then take the plunge into the betting.

For example. There may be a darts match where a player has been averaging over 100, against a player who has been averaging around 90. However, if you watch them play, you might see that the player averaging 100 favours the treble 19 for his bigger numbers – and very rarely hits the 180s. However, the opposition might score more 180s but suffer due to a lack of consistency in his aim.

Also, you could think about a combi-bet here. If one player looks much stronger than the other, why not combine a winner bet with a most 180s bet and boost your profits even more?

Understanding a Darts Handicap

There are many bettors that love handicap-betting markets – and as such, all top bookies will offer handicap betting on the matches. For bettors who know what they are doing, there’s plenty of money to be made from handicap betting in darts.

You’ll find that many darts tournaments are measured in legs – the first to six (the best of 11) or the first to ten (bets of 19). However, some (like the World Championship) are in sets (like tennis). The World Championship’s sets are the best out of five legs. Therefore, to win a first to three sets darts match, you’d have to win at least nine legs.

So, handicap betting is perfect if you want to support the favourite, but you want a better price than the straight winner marker price. You just take them on the minus legs or sets. If you think the underdog could make a close-run contest of it, then you can bet on them with the plus legs/set market. There are many occasions where the underdog has pushed the favourite to the brink. If you’d have bet on the underdog with a handicap, you could have been quids in on these occasions.

However, there are many times when the favourite annihilates the underdog to nil – especially in PDC darts. Therefore, if you take the favourite on a minus handicap, you’ll get much better odds than the straight win.

It’s not always straight forward; there are no definitive rules when utilizing a handicap bet – but you need to be aware of players’ world rankings, recent form and head-to-head. Also, look for the format – some players favour short matches – others prefer longer matches. Upsets are more likely in shorter games.

Tournament Winner

Sometimes there are dominant players – such as Phil Taylor – who is made the tournament favourite for every tournament he is in. However, it is a lot more open now as there is no one unbeatable player. When betting on a tournament, it’s simply a case of picking the right guy. Players like Van Gerwen and Wade are young enough to be competing at high-level darts for many years to come. Meanwhile, older players like Van Barneveld can still pull out big performances when it matters.

It is a good tactic to pick between 1-4 players to be the tournament winner. However, you need to be sure to pick four players that will turn you out a profit overall, no matter what one wins. Also, pick 2 in the top half of the draw and 2 in the bottom, so you will be in it until the later stages of the tournament.

Nine Darter

The perfect darts game can be completed in nine darts – 2 lots of 180 plus a 141 finish. Many top players are capable of this in the right form. They are quite common now in tournaments – in fact, they are under evens. However, you can get odds of up to 25/1 for this. Do remember though that there are some events that require players to score a double in order to start – this makes it much tougher to score the nine-darter. When Irishman, Brendan Dolan, did this, he earned himself the nickname ‘The History Maker. Therefore, always check the format of the match before betting on this market. If a tournament has the potential to go to over 20 legs – with highly ranked players – then it’s definitely worth a look.

Correct Score Dutching

There are some very one-sided matches, particularly at the beginning of the tournaments. The odds on offer will reflect this fact – with very high odds versus very low odds.

A way to bet on this without these hefty odds is with Dutch Correct Scores. You will pick the likeliest scores at the best prices on the markets. Then, if one of your picks wins, you’ll end up with a profit – while still covering a number of outcomes.

Back Form Outsiders

The BDO World Championship often give outsiders as winners – so be prepared to choose one (or more) outsiders as each-way picks or tournament winners – with the idea of laying them off as they make it through the competition.

When darts betting, remember BDO darts odds are easier to exploit – especially if you have kept yourself up-to-date to players form and progress.

Understanding Lay to Back / Back to Lay

In a 2 way bet (only 2 outcomes possible) – such as knockout tournaments – with one winner and one loser. Laying a bet means that you pick who you think will lose, not who you think will win. Pick the loser correctly to win.

It’s simply a case of liability. You are liable for the money you would lose if your choice is not successful; if you back a player to win 2/1 and your stake is £10, your liability is £10. If you win – you get a return of £30 (£20 + £10 stake).

If you lay someone at 2/1, then to win £10 your liability would be £20. Therefore, to win £10 you need to bet £20. It is cheaper to lay the favourite than the outsider- i.e. if a player is 1/10 to win – you only have a liability of £1 to win £10. However, laying a 10/1 outsider means your liability is £10 for a £1 win. Be aware that not all bookies allow you to lay a player.

Listen to the Experts

One of the most important things to do is make sure that you follow the tipsters and the experts who know what they are talking about. We have some of the best tips so that you know where the smart money is going and where the value bets can be found.