Colin’s Corner

Colin’s Corner

No-one knows football as much as someone who has lived and breathed the beautiful game. In Colin’s Corner, Colin Hendry, former Scotland Captain and Premier League winner takes us through all aspects of the game. He gives us his take on Scottish football then and now, the best Premier League defenders ever – and the best England v Scotland derbies. He also gives us his weekly top tips

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Scotland football legend Colin Hendry

We talk to Colin Hendry about all areas of the sport. We look at the golden era of Scottish football – when Scotland were truly a force to be reckoned with.  We then compare this to where Scottish football is today – and why they haven’t even qualified for major tournaments for over 20 years. As a top defender, Hendry also takes us through the best defenders that we have seen in the Premier league since the 1980s – from the legendary icons, to present day legends in the making.  He also takes us through the most memorable and exciting matches between England and Scotland – that saw team mates face off.

Join Hendry and BettingOnline on a journey through British football since the 1980s…