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Ladbrokes Best Acca Explained

Despite being faced with an ever-increasing competition from new and exciting betting markets and multiples, the football accumulator remains the nation’s favourite bet and it’s placed by thousands of punters every weekend all across the country. Let’s look at Ladbrokes Best Acca deal.

The acca is a very popular football betting strategy. It goes by a range of names, depending on what part of the world you’re in – accumulator, roll-up, parlay – but it does the same job and it’s a thrilling one. No matter how many selections you place over three – anything less is a single, double or treble – the acca remains one bet and, as such, needs only one stake. The number of selections involved and the price of each determines how much you will win if everything goes according to plan.

Here’s a brief example of how a football accumulator is bet…

Man City to beat Man Utd @ evens

Liverpool to beat Everton at 4/5

Tottenham to beat Arsenal at 13/10

Chelsea to beat Fulham at 2/5

£10 stake

So, although there are four selections in your accumulator, they count as one bet as all teams must win for you to be paid out. The clue is in the name – accumulator – and the winnings from each leg accumulate to make the bottom line that you’ll be paid out at.

So, £10 on Man City to beat Man Utd at evens returns £20. The £20 then goes on to Liverpool to beat Everton at 4/5 which pays £36. That rolls on to Tottenham to beat Arsenal at 13/10, giving £46.80 and the entire pot is now riding on the last match. If Chelsea does as expected and beat Fulham at 2/5 your accumulator will land and you will grab a healthy profit.

All Teams Must Win

What’s interesting about the accumulator bet is that all selections have to win or it’s a loser. If you have three out of four but the last team draws, it’s a case of close, but no cigar and you’ll drop your stake. The same bet can be placed on all manner of sports, and is particularly exciting with horse racing, darts, tennis, boxing and rugby. You can add all markets, such as both teams to score, set betting, each-way, leg betting, knockout betting and first try scorer.

Regardless of what sports you add and what markets you go with, the rules remain the same and all must win. It’s also a great way to manage your stake as its one bet, so one amount to pay and you’ll get value for money as it can be pulled out across a day of football, a weekend or even a season.

Accumulator betting is beautiful in its simplicity, but its all the same thing, right, and it doesn’t really matter which bookie you place your stake with as the rules apply across the board and the only thing that may change is match prices? Well, think again as a new type of accumulator betting is sweeping through the industry and changing things forever.

When reflecting on the love we have for the football acca, traders and marketing teams realised it would have a positive impact on their annual profit margin if they could convince us to place our sports accas with them as often as possible. We’re going to be betting on them anyway, so it makes sense from the bookies’ point of view that we do it with them.

No Mean Feat

The reason for that is, as simple as the accumulator bet is, it’s not easy to win and the vast majority placed on any given weekend will end as a loser, millions of pounds worth of stakes emptied into bookies’ tills due to punters being greedy, making ill-informed decisions or shock results. There’s serious money to be made by accepting accumulator bets. They are all the same, and punters are creatures of habit, loving to stick with what they know, so how did traders and their marketing teams convince us to place our bets with them? By thinking outside of the box.

A host of new and improved ways to bet on football accumulators was born, all designed to catch our eye and convince us it was easy to win and more difficult to lose if following their method. Most of that, of course, is rubbish, but on some occasions betting kings were so desperate for our stake they did make it harder to drop your cash.

Many betting firms promise they are the leader when it comes to offering accumulator betting value, but we think it’s extremely difficult to upstage Ladbrokes who offer an explosion of ways to place your acca bets, with each type giving more to the customer.

The team at Ladbrokes are so proud of their accumulator coverage, in fact, they are promoting it under the banner – Best Acca Around. That’s a bold call and there will be plenty of their rivals in the game who will dispute that, but when reviewing as punters and lovers of football betting, we did find their calls to be fairly close to the mark.

Want to Make the Most of your Acca?

Ladbrokes’ Best Acca Around page carries the strapline, want to make the most of your acca? Then you’re in the right place. There’s an unbeatable range of accumulators that gives Ladbrokes customers a better chance of winning than ever before.

Here are some of the ways they do that…

The bet boost is a thrilling feature which gives customers the chance to boost their odds, just for the sake of it. Why have a 20/1 acca when you could have a 40/1 acca? Add your selections to your bet slip, picking from competitions such as the Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Serie A and you’ll see your possible returns. Smash the bet boost button and your odds will grow in front of your eyes.

Track your acca helps bring everything into one place, taking the hassle out of sports betting. Modern punters have a range of options once the bet is placed, including cash-out, partial cash-out, edit and remove legs. It’s all changed and if you’ve not bet on football accas for a while you may be shocked. Track your acca allows you to keep pace with the scores, your current cash-out value for your bet if you were to finish there and then, in-play betting odds, match stats, commentary and even the ability to edit your bet, taking out losing legs at any time.

Free Bet Back is something that really has to be seen to be believed and this alone is the reason punters are flocking to Ladbrokes to place their accumulator bets with one of the most forward-thinking firms in the business. Also known as Acca Insurance, there’s now no chance of that painful loss as, if you come within one leg of winning your accumulator, Ladbrokes will refund your stakes as a free bet, allowing you to place another.

Ladbrokes is Different

If getting four out of five, for example, you’d be left feeling sick with other bookies, but with Ladbrokes you’ll find a welcome free bet in your account and, let’s face it, if you’re going as close to that landing a winner as that, you’ll deserve it and will be confident of going one better next time.

If you are still disputing how good the Ladbrokes Best Acca section is, compare it with other leading firms in the industry and you’ll see no one can compete. There are a few who do a good job of offering Acca Insurance or cash-out, but no one firm brings them all into play in one place and that’s why we’re dealing with the big boys here. Punters aren’t stupid either, they know landing a football acca is no mean feat and they know when they see a bookie treating them with more respect than they’ll get elsewhere.

There are the usual terms and conditions attached to each of these promotions, which will come as no surprise to experienced punters, but there’s nothing here we haven’t seen before. There’s also nothing designed to trip you up, it’s all standard stuff that’s in place to keep things clear and ensure both bookmaker and bettor know where they stand on the small print.

Now, it’s always advisable to read the T&Cs of every betting promotion before risking your cash on it but we know most players don’t have time for that and would much rather confirm they have read without going to the hassle of scrolling through paragraphs or boring text. We’d all rather be researching our bets and getting our stake down before counting our winnings.

Terms & Conditions

To help out, our team have done the hard work for you, reviewing the T&Cs of each of the Ladbrokes acca promotions and picking out the highlights we think you should know about to avoid confusion further down the line. Skim through the list before digging into your pocket for a stake, it could save you time in the long-run, but remember the old betting saying – it’s not an issue until the bet is a winner.

These promos are open to both new and existing customers betting online through the Ladbrokes desktop site or mobile app. You can also take advantage in any Ladbrokes shop or through SMS. Customers who pay for their bets using Paypal or Skrill can’t take advantage, neither can those who are an employee of Ladbrokes in any way.

Acca Insurance

To qualify for this promo, you must place an accumulator bet with five or more selections and each pick must have odds of 1/10 or better, with the overall returns valued at 3/1 or higher. If one of the 5+ loses, your stake will be returned as a free bet, up to the value of £10 and the token will appear in your betting balance. Only win/lose/draw bets can be added and if one match is postponed the promo will become void if you fall under the five selections mark. Cashed out or edited bets don’t count, and it’s limited to one per customer per day.

Odds Boost

When logging into your Ladbrokes account you may notice an odds boost token in your balance. If you do this can be used on pre-match and in-play bets. Each odds boost token will increase your odds on all selections in the bet slip, but the stakes are limited to £50 on each. A minimum of one odds boost token will be applied to each player account each day of the promotion. Please note, your token will expire at the end of each day and can’t be carried over to future bets. This can be used on sportsbook markets only, and doesn’t apply to the likes of casino, bingo or games. It also can’t be used in conjunction with any other Ladbrokes promotion.

Edit My Acca

This feature allows you to add or remove selections on your accumulator while the bet is live. That means you can take out teams that are losing and add sides that are winning to give yourself a better chance of landing a profit. The main thing to remember here, however, is that the revised bets will have revised returns. So, if three losing sides are replaced by three winning teams, the current in-play odds will apply and, chances are, the returns will be lower than the first bet placed. To apply this, simply to the My Acca section of the site, click the Edit My Acca button and then add or remove selections to your bet.

You will notice the new returns at the end of the bet and it’s then up to you to confirm if you want to proceed and edit your acca. Once OK’d, your new bet will stand, and your old bet will be lost. It’s also possible, however, if noticing the revised returns isn’t to your liking, to back out of the transaction, as long as you haven’t hit confirm. For more top Ladbrokes deals and to find out more about the site, check out our in-depth Ladbrokes review.

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