The Best Online Bookmakers for Bonuses and Promotions

One of the most enjoyable aspects with online sports betting (apart from winning of course) is getting your hands on the best bonuses and promotions on offer.  Therefore you need to know the best bookmaker offering the best bonuses and promotions. If you enjoy placing a bet, then it feels great if your bookmaker rewards you with bonuses and freebies. This is an area where many online bookmakers can become competitive, offering you dazzling numbers in order to garner your interest. Unfortunately, the sportsbook promotion or bonus often isn’t as good as it seems at first glance. When you dig a little deeper, they’ve designed it to be eye-catching, but you won’t gain much from it because they have attached impossible terms. We check out the best sports betting bonuses and promotions that don’t just look good, but they are actually worth the paper they’re written on.


The Best for Bonuses and Promotions
Bookmaker Bonus
£30 Free Bets Claim your 888sport bonus now
UP to £50 free matched bet Claim your Ladbrokes bonus now
3 x £10 Bets Claim Your William Hill Bonus now
£20 Risk Free Bet Claim Your Unibet Bonus Now
£10 Money Back Claim Your Gust Bonus Now

How We Made Our Choice

Obviously the first fact that we took into account was the size of the sportsbook sign up bonuses. How much was this online bookmaker trying to get your custom? However, that alone wasn’t enough, as this needed to be hand in hand with decent terms and conditions.

To make it a truly great bonus it needs to have small playthrough / wagering requirement. Anything less than a 5-times requirement is decent, but the lower the better. So, if it’s 10-times or 20-times playthrough then it’s a no go really. Then we look at the amount of time you get to claim and play the bonus and hit the requirements; the longer the better. Usually you’d expect around 1 to 3 months, so if it’s less, then we need to flag it. We also check the restrictions on the bets you can place to qualify for the bonus. Some are so restrictive that they are practically asking you to throw away your money on a bet that has very little chance of success. Obviously, the fewer stipulations bookmakers attach, the better.

As well as the welcome bonus, we also looked at the other promotions on offer – to assess the Lifetime Value. You get one welcome bonus, so for an accurate assessment, you must also judge it by ongoing promotions. You need to make sure that you’re made to feel welcome throughout your entire stay with that bookmaker. Does it offer free betting bonuses? To rate highly in this field, you need to be great all the way through, not just at the beginning.

How They Work

So, how can bookmakers afford to give away these best bonuses? They can’t just give away free money right? Well, they obviously can’t and they really don’t. The whole point of the welcome bonus is to catch your eye. They are made to attract you. However, often the more attractive they are, the harder they are to actually get your hands on. The smaller amount of the bonus offer that you accept, the more likely you are to be able to get hold of it. If you want to get hold of the entire £200 bonus, wagering requirements will be incredibly high. If you want to get just £10 of the bonus, wagering requirements will be more attainable.

Different Betting Offers Available

Sign Up Bonuses

This is a standard term for any bonus you get when you sign up. This is the most impressive looking bonus of them all. It is also the most advertised. You will see adverts and banners for it across its website and other associated pages. This normally comes in the form of either s deposit match or a free bet offer.

Deposit Match Bonus

Here, a bookmaker will give you a percentage of your deposit on top of the amount you have deposited. So, for example, if a 100% deposit match bonus was on offer and you deposit £100, the bookie would add another £100 to your account as bonus money. This would always be subject to terms and conditions.

Free Bet Bonuses

This is the second most popular form of sportsbetting bonuses. A free bet bonus is very popular in the world of online sportsbooks. This is great because it gives new people a way to enjoy the thrill of making a bet without the worry of losing their own funds. Obviously winnings will come with a wagering requirement attached, but these are great ways of offering a player a risk-free bet.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are there to encourage you to top up your funds. If you are low in your account, these bonuses are there to offer you top rewards for putting more money into your account. These are often in the form of match bonuses, free bets, cashback for losing bets etc.

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