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Tennis Betting Tips

The best way to get those winning bets is to use top tennis betting tips. Getting these tips is one of the best way of building up your winning bankroll. Here at BettingOnline, we offer the best tennis tips for all the top major events. We look through all the stats, the history of the tournament and the players. All the work that needs to be done, we do here at BettingOnline, so you can get the very best chance to make those winning sports bets online.

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Making the Most of Tennis Betting Tips

The most important of any tennis betting tips is to be able to understand how tennis betting odds work. Tennis odds – like all other odds, determine how much you’ll win when making a bet – if you win that it. Like all other odds, they are presented as three different types of odds – fractional, decimal and moneyline. Find out more about making the most of your tips here.

Tennis Betting Odds Explained

If a player is listed as having odds of 3/2 to win – what does it tell you? Will, this is the implied probability of it happening – so that means that if the game was played five times – they would probably win twice and lose 3 times – 3 losses / 2 wins. Therefore, there is an implied probability of 40%. If you understand the implied probability of the odds, you’ll be able to identify a value bet easier

You can also use the odds to find out how much you will win. This is very simple. For odds of 3/2, for every £2 you bet, you’ll win £3 (getting a return of £5 overall). The amount you win is the top figure; the amount you have to bet to win it is the bottom number. i.e. 29/100 – to win £29 you have to bet £100. It’s very simple.

Here are the Top Ten Rules of Tennis Betting Online

There are certain rules you really need to take into consideration when betting on tennis. These will help you maximize profits whilst minimizing risks.

  • Only Bet When It’s a Value Bet

This is the biggest rule of any betting – and it’s important. You should only ever bet if there is value in the bet – if the odds represent an implied probability that is either accurate or less than your estimation. If you believe some has a 75% chance of winning, they should have odds of 1/3 or greater. Anything less isn’t worth it. Your first step it to pick a value bet before you even look for tips and markets.

  • Specialise in One Field / Market

There are so many different matches that are being played – men and women’s, throughout the year, that it’s difficult to be able to study each game in depth. As such, it’s best to specialize in the area you know best.

Unless you have nothing but time on your hand, it’s impossible to analyse every game in enough depth. The most successful tennis bettors just focus on one area: men’s tennis; women’s tennis – Challenger Circuit or even just the Grand Slams.

In addition, it’s a good idea to focus on specific bet types and markets that you know the best and are comfortable with. You might choose to focus on handicaps – others choose to bet on sets and games totals. Just pick the bet type that you are most comfortable with.

  • Open Accounts With More than One Bookie

If you limit yourself to just one or two online bookmakers then this will limit your chances of getting a profit in the long term. Although you don’t need to necessarily have accounts with 10 different bookies, having just one or two is just too restrictive.

The reason for this? Well, if you only have accounts with one or two bookies, you limit yourself to the number of bet types that are available to you to bet on. Even more importantly, you are limiting yourself to the number of odds available to you. The more bookmakers’ odds, the more variety – so you are more likely to find the best odds for different events, different sports and different markets.

The more bookmakers, the more flexibility. There may only be small fluctuations, but these all can make big differences when added together. However, make sure all the bookies you used are fully licensed and regulated!

  • Record Everything

One of the most important aspects of betting on tennis is good money management. A good way to help with this is to record all of your tennis bets – wins and losses. When you record your bets, you need to include: date, tournament, type of bet, bookie, amount wagered, odds, profit/loss and any comments.

If you do not do this, then you are jeopardising your chances of becoming a profitable tennis bettor. If you keep a regular record, you can regularly review your performance. You can see what types of bets you generally make the most profit from. You can see what tournaments you tend to lose money on. You can also see how long your losing streaks tend to last, so you know when and how you normally get out of them.

  • See if There’s a Dodgy Seed

Generally, in the past, the pre-tournament favourites tend to do well in Grand Sam tournaments – both male and female. Therefore, betting on the favourite early is a good idea – as the odds will only get smaller as it goes on.

Having said that although the overall favourites tend to perform very well, there can be a decent profit made from identifying which seed you think is probably going to underperform against their seeing expectation.

As you may know, the players’ rankings are based on how well they have done in the last twelve months. Therefore, a player might have a high seeding in an event, but be a little out of form – and susceptible to being beaten.

When it comes to bookmaker odds, seeded players will always start as the favourites f matched against unseeded.  However, if you look into the recent performances, you might find a chink – and a player who could well be unseated.

  • Know the Importance of Serve and Return

In-play betting is very popular in tennis betting. Here, you can bet on a match game by game. This can be done when watching the match as it happens. If you want to make the most of in-play, you really need the basic knowledge of serving and returning.

You can compare a tennis serve to a penalty kick / free kick in football or a place kick in rugby. Here, the immediate outcome is totally in the hands of the player. If there is a server like Goran Ivanisevic or John Isner, the chance of them getting the point on serve is 80%. If there is any weakness in the serve, the player will become more vulnerable as the set wears on.

However, just as there are legendary servers, there are legendary returners. Jimmy Connors was great; Andre Agassi had a fantastic serve – returning balls that were fired to him at a world record-breaking 154mph. Djokovic has taken his crown and is now seen as one of the greatest returners ever. Players such as Federer, Nadal, Murray, Ferrer and Simon are all known as top returners.

No matter how good a server is, they will surely drop one of their service games at least once. Top servers, John Isner and Ivo Karlovic stand at 6ft 10 and 6ft 11 respectively. This gives them an immense physical advantage over rivals. With their height, the ball will always get over the net and have an acute trajectory. Therefore, they can concentrate solely on how well they deliver the ball – speed and accuracy.

  • Understanding Player Styles

With live streaming and YouTube, it’s very easy to find footage of any player. You can check out the service game and return game of players. You can then decide whether you think they are a big server, a base-liner, a returner, big with forehand and/or backhand. This is very useful – particularly if there is any player you aren’t familiar with.

  • Head-to-Head Stats

If you are looking at betting on a match and have checked out your tennis betting tips, then check out the ATP / WTA website to look at the head-to-head stats between the two. You can see if they have faced off before, how many times, the results and scorelines – as well as when they happened.  It’s useful, but you should never take it all at face value,

One player might be a clay-court specialist who may have lost to the opponent 5 times out of eight. However, just looking at head-to-head, you would go for the opponent. However, if you look carefully, those three wins may have been on clay-court and the losses on grass. If this were a clay court match, you’d be better of going with that player.

  • Understand the Surfaces

When picking your player, you need to know what surface they are playing on, and how well they play on that surface. If you look at players such as Djokovic, Federer and Nadal play well on all surfaces. Murray has only just started to play well on clay. Many players have preferred surfaces, and their record varies on the type of surface. As such, check out the surface records of each player before making your pick.

Also, you need to look at whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Hardcourts can be both, whereas clay and grass are outdoors. Some players struggle outdoors where they are more exposed to the elements – i.e. wind or sun. Others, like Nadal, prefer outdoors.

  • Get The Best Tennis Betting Tips

The best way to get those winning bets is to use top tennis betting tips. Getting these tips is one of the best ways of building up your winning bankroll. Here at BettingOnline, we offer the best tennis tips for all the top major events. We look through all the stats, the history of the tournament and the players. All the work that needs to be done, we do here at BettingOnline, so you can get the very best chance to make those winning sports bets online.