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Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket is one of the oldest and most popular sports around, and as such betting on cricket has always been popular. That’s why people seek out the best free cricket betting tips – to get the best out of their cricket betting.

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Making the Most of Cricket Betting Tips

Let’s take a look at our top cricket betting tips. Cricket dates all the way back to the 16th Century in records, but many believe to be pre-date that. As long as people have played the sport, people have bet on the sport. In fact, cricket betting has been attributed to being an integral part of the sports growth. It is believed that some matches were organized just so the wealthy could bet on them. Some punters even formed their own teams to bet on.

Cricket may have changed during the years, but betting on cricket hasn’t. So, if you’re interested in betting on cricket and finding the best cricket betting tips then look no further!

Types of Cricket Predictions and Betting Tips

There are a number of different types of bets that you can find tips for, depending on how adventurous you are feeling. Beginners should maybe start with straightforward winner bets, but there are other tips you can find if you want to vary your wagers.

Match Betting Tips

The most common of the cricket betting tips are for match betting. Basically, you are advised on which team the tipster feels will be the winner of an individual match. This could be either a single game in a tournament or a ODI. Generally, betting on the favourites will have odds of less than evens, and betting on the underdog will give better odds. Tips here are helpful because they’ll give you the heads up on when you should be betting on the underdog.

Do be aware that the bets are generally void if there’s a tied match. Furthermore, it may be deemed void if there haven’t been 20+ overs completed.

Tied Match Tips

A lot of the best bookmakers let you bet on the match ending in a draw. This can also be called a ‘Draw, No Bet’. You could use this alongside match betting – so you can hedge your bets if the chances of bad weather are to be taken into consideration – or any other situation that could mean the match ends with no winner. There are some bookies who sell it as a ‘Double Chance’, which allows you bet on a winning side or draw.

Outright Winner Tips

This is the type of tip that you will find when a tournament is taking place – like the cricket World Cup, World Twenty20, ICC Women’s World Cup or ICC Champions Trophy. Here, the tipster will help you to select the team who will likely win the whole tournament. Because there are so many different teams in a tournament, this is a bit trickier – so the odds are better. The tipster will look at all the sides and give an in-depth breakdown of their pick.

You could also find tips that will give you three teams to wager on to ensure that you’ll make a profit no matter which of them wins.

Series Winner Tips.

You can also find tips for the series winner. It isn’t unusual for teams to play a series of 3-5 matches as opposed to single matches. For example, The Ashes is a five-game series between England and Australia. Betting on the series winner will see you betting on who will win the best of three or five cricket games in the series.

Team Proposition Tips

Match Scores Tips

Here a tipster will give tips on the overall number of runs score by a team by the end of the match. Because it would be too tough to predict the exact number of runs, generally the tip will be for a range  – i.e. 145 – 155 runs. This is a tough bet, so the tipster needs to have done their research. However, the odds are good to reflect this.

Over / Under Score Tips

These are similar to over / under tips you’d get in football. These tips will help you predict how many runs will be score by the end of the match – but by both teams. The tipster will help you to decide whether the total number will be over or under the bookie’s benchmark. Because this is much less risky, the odds tend to hover around evens.

Team Innings Runs Tips

Here, tipsters will help you to predict the number of runs scored by a team in any given innings. Again, this is generally an under / over bet and the odds will reflect that.

Partnerships Tips

Here, tipsters will look at the two teams and will help you to pick wagers based on partnerships – for example, betting on the Highest Opening Partnership.

Total Fours Tips

Again, this is another over / under bet. Here a tipster will look at all the evidence to help you decide whether the total number of fours scored by a team will be under or over the given bookmaker’s benchmark.

Most Match Sixes Tips

The tipster here will look at all the stats to see which of the sides they believe will score the most sixes in a match.

Highest 1st 15 Overs Tips

Another possible tip you could come across. You might also find this called ‘Team to Make the Highest First 15 Overs Score’. This is like match winning, but based on the scores of the first 15 overs.

Most Run Outs Tips

Looking at all the facts, tipsters will try to predict which of the teams will have the most run outs in a match.

Player Proposition Tips

Top Batsman Tips

Here a tipster will look at form to predict which batsman will score the highest number of runs. You can make this bet on the top batsman for a series, a match, or one team in a match. Other tips available would be Top Home Batsman, Top Away Batsman, Top Series Batsman and Top Match Batsman. This is a good one to get a tip on, because the bet is tough and requires research – but can offer good returns.

Top Bowler Tips

This is where a tipster advises you on who they believe will take the most wickets. As abopve, this can be the Top Bowlers for a series, a single match or on one team.

Team of Top Batsman Tips

Here, a tipster will look at either side and guide you to what team they believe will have the Top Batsman.

Individual Bowler Wicket Tips

The tipster will guide you to accurately guess the number of tickets a bowler will make in ne series.

Batsman Matches Tips

Here, they’ll pair off two batsman and predict which one will get the most

To Score 50 Runs Tips

Here, the tipster will look at form and make a prediction about which batsman they think will reach the 50 runs milestone.

Century to be Scored Tips

This one is straightforward for a tipster, they simply guide you as to whether there will be a century scored – no matter what team it comes from.