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Ladbrokes #Getaprice Explained

As the way we watch, interact with and bet on sports is changing, so too must bookmakers to avoid being left out in the cold, abandoned by a fast-moving industry. That’s where Ladbrokes #Getaprice comes into it. In the past punters had to haul themselves down to the local betting office to place their football bets before 3.00pm on a Saturday afternoon and be back home again in plenty of time to follow the progress of their accumulators.

It was a simpler time, but a much less exciting one. We’re glad things changed and with the growth in popularity of internet betting and mobile betting apps, players can now make their bets at any time and from anywhere. If you are at home all you have to do is access your home computer, make picks and pay for the bet using your credit/debit card. You’d then be paid any winnings by the same method, all without leaving the comfort of your living room. Mobile betting changed things up again and you can now punt when out and about, providing you have a strong internet connection.

Games of note take place every night of the week on most occasions, including Premier League, Champions League and Europa League and you can get involved pre-match, or watch the live TV coverage and decide when to join the party thanks to in-play betting. A bet is now as exciting in the final few minutes as it was before kick-off.

Social Media

The way football fans discuss the game and their betting success/near misses has also changed and instead of meeting up, most pre and post-match analysis takes place on social media, including Twitter. Check it out for yourself if you are on Twitter, simply type the name of your team into the search bar on matchday and you’ll find pages of team news, opinions, betting advice and gossip. When the final whistle blows the masses rush to their phones and computers to gloat or point the finger of blame.

Football, betting and social media are all about opinions and how strongly you value yours, so they work beautifully together. It didn’t take major bookmakers long to pick-up on this, of course, and when realising football fans were using Twitter before, during and after big matches to voice their opinions and hold fiery debates, marketing teams and traders across the board decided it was time to act and get in on the action. Some have been quicker on the uptake than others, but it’s now possible to combine your betting with social media use.

Modern football punters really are spoiled for choice when it comes to markets on the beautiful game with more offered than ever before. You can have your say on the winner of the match, correct score, handicap, corners, total goals, time of first goal, player to score last and just about everything else you can imagine.

No More Restrictions

We say ‘just about’, as backers were always restricted to betting on what traders thought made for an interesting market, but not anymore. Sportsbook users had to play what was given while exchange gamblers could make their own markets and opportunities. Something had to change to level the playing field, and we’re delighted to say it did.

Ladbrokes is one of the most ambitious and forward-thinking bookmakers of our times and they proved it again by responding to the social media hype and the need to bridge the gap between sportsbook and exchange betting. Their solution to both was to launch their exciting new #GetAPrice promotion which puts you in charge, giving punters the chance to play trader for the day. Sold under the strapline ‘You pick it. We price it’ #GetAPrice is a Twitter offer that allows us to come up with a betting opportunity and put it to the traders on social media @Ladbrokes using the handle #GetAPrice.

So, for example, if you have trawled through the various markets on a live match and nothing quite does enough to take your fancy, or perhaps you have a great idea for a bet that would be really interesting and fellow punters would love to join you in gambling on it, you can put your thoughts to the trading team. If they like it, think others will too, and there’s nothing too similar already available, Ladbrokes trading team will thank you for your thoughts, quote you a price for your unique bet and get it added to their website, meaning you and others can now place bets on it.


It’s great to bag a winner you thought of all on your own, but it’s also pleasing to see others agree and jump on your selection. Who knows, if it proves popular enough your idea could end up a permanent fixture on the football page in matches. Let’s use an example to give us a better understanding of how this all work…

Rangers v Celtic

The Old Firm Derby as Steven Gerrard takes on Neil Lennon in Glasgow in what’s sure to be a fiery encounter. You can add fuel to the flames with a bet that’ll see you combine a host of different markets. Let’s say you expect a home win for Rangers in a derby cracker, your bet could look like this…

  • Rangers to win
  • Over 3.5 goals
  • Over 10 corners
  • Both teams to score
  • Ryan Kent to provide an assist

Now, normally that bet wouldn’t be accepted as it’s related and for many years bookmakers didn’t allow you to combine different markets from the same game. In fact, with many top firms, you still can’t, but at Ladbrokes, you can. Simply add your selections to Twitter, send them to @Ladbrokes with the handle #GetAPrice and the trading team will look over your bet. If they like what they see and think others will too, they will then Tweet you back with a price and how to complete your bet on their website. You’ll now have a multiple you have created, it’ll be there for others to bet on and it’ll also give you an interest for the majority of the game.

More Reasons to Cheer

Imagine cheering on goals, corners and red cards all in the one fixture as you tick off each leg of your bet, edging towards a big money pay-out. It’s gripping stuff and we’re delighted to say it has captured the imagination of the betting public. With so many football betting strategies, the options are endless. Perhaps you can’t think of anything unique but have placed your usual bets and have a little stake left over to have some fun with.

You can visit the Ladbrokes website and under the heading #GetAPrice you will find bets that have been suggested by other punters and accepted by traders. There are some gems here and if you see one that you agree with, just click the price and add it to your bet slip. It acts as an added interest and can work away in the background while you keep tabs on your own bets, or you can follow the bet with more interest and keep count of things like corners and cards, making every aspect of the fixture more exciting.

As the #GetAPrice promo grows in popularity it continues to be rolled out and extended to cover more games in more of the world’s top leagues and we really don’t think it’ll be long before it’s applied to every game in world football. At present, you can use the #GetAPrice promo on games from the English Premier League, English Championship, Scottish Premiership, Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A but, as we said, coverage is growing all the time.

Set Markets

The markets are set too and, at the time of writing, you must choose between match result, both teams to score, total match goals, total match corners and total match booking points. Player stats can then be added to the bundle, and these include yellow and red cards, first goal, last goal anytime goalscorer, shots, passes, tackles and even assists.

From reading through the list, you can see how placing a bet like this would transform how you watch and enjoy the match. There are, of course, a number of terms and conditions attached to this promotion, but we have looked through the list and there’s nothing there that’s designed to trip you up or is going to surprise you. It’s fairly basic stuff and we have picked out a few of the main talking points that are worth being made aware of…

T&Cs #GetAPrice

The idea for many when playing #GetAPrice is to land a bigger win but it should be noted that the promotion is capped at £25,000 and no one winner can be paid out at more than that. Keep this in mind when making your selections as it would be a waste of time to submit anything worth more than this amount, the risk involved not worth it. Extra-Time is not included in this type of bet, so it is restricted to 90 minutes plus stoppage time. Your bet will end when the full-time whistle blows and if extra-time and penalties are required to settle the fixture, this will not contribute to your bet.

All data, including corners, goal scorers and assists are not decided by Ladbrokes but, instead, taken from Optastats on the game and their say is final. This has caused confusion in the past as goals may have been settled as a loser as they have been judged to be own-goals, having gone in off a defender. Also, times are settled by the same firm.

One that really caught us unaware at this stage was if a leg of your bet is voided, the entire bet will be voided and the stake money refunded. This is regardless of if the other legs win or not and that does seem a little harsh when there could be the option to ignore it, as would be the case with a match-winner accumulator. Shots on target are defined by any shot at goal that hits the net, regardless of intent, is a clear attempt to score by an attacking player and would’ve went in but for a save by the goalkeeper or blocked by a defending player, and shots hitting the frame of the goal – post or bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the first goal is an own-goal?

Own goals count towards the number of goals scored and the match-winner, but they do not count in terms of goalscorer bets. If you had backed a first goalscorer and it’s an own-goal, your bet will still be live and will become next goal scorer.

What if my player is booked or sent off after the game?

Card betting only counts in active play and in normal time. If a player is booked or sent off before the match starts or after the finish it will not count towards your bet. The game must be in play for the card to count.

What happens if my chosen player doesn’t start the game?

If you have chosen a player to score, be carded, provide an assist or in any of the stat betting markets and he doesn’t start the match – included in the first 11 – your bet will be void and your stake returned. If they come on to the park later in the game their contribution will not count.

What happens to my #GetAPrice accumulator if a bet is voided?

If any of the legs involved in your #GetAPrice accumulator is voided before the start, for whatever reason, the entire accumulator will be void and your original stake returned as soon as possible. This is regardless of if other legs are active.

How are bookings points calculated?

Bookings points are set out in the betting market and are easy to follow. The points are calculated as follows… Every yellow card = 10 points Every red card = 25 points That means the maximum points a player can pick up are 35

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