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Win With the Willow -The Best Cricket Betting Strategies

Cricket is an interesting sport – where you can bet on all the different types of matches around. A match can last between 3 hours (Twenty20) or it can last over the course of 5 days (Test Cricket). So, with all the different types of matches, you can apply different betting strategies. Because of this, the variations of strategies are much different from either football betting strategies or tennis betting strategies.  However, as this is very closely related to baseball, the betting strategies can be very similar. Of course, different cricket betting strategies work best for different people and on different types of matches. Here’s BettingOnline’s pick of the very best cricket betting strategies out there if you plan to start betting on cricket.

Best Bookies for Cricket Betting

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10Bet100% up to £50 T&Cs ApplyReview10Bet
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Laying the Draw on Test Match Strategy

There are many cricket betting strategies and markets when it comes to betting on test matches. However, one of the most popular and favoured amongst those in the know is to ‘lay the draw’. The reason for this is because, during the 5 days of playing, the price swings are great. This means that it is one of the easier sports to read. Making bets whilst the match is in play, based on what is currently happening is the most common way to bet. However, if you want to make more profit, then you should try ‘laying the draw’ before the test match begins.

It isn’t uncommon for bookmakers to incorrectly price a draw. The reason for this is that the game has evolved far more quickly than the bookmakers have. Way back in the 1980s around 45% of the matches concluded in a draw. This statistic dropped in the ’90s to around 35%, and so far in this decade, it stands at around just 27%. Because of this decline in draws, it would be fair to say that around 50% of matches have incorrect draw prices. You can take advantage of this with the best cricket betting strategies such as this.

Taking Advantage of the Bookmaker

The idea is that before the match starts, you lay the draw. You essentially act as a bookie, so if there is a draw, then you are liable to pay out a calculated amount, depending on the odds. As the game progresses, you can then limit your liability by betting on the draw when the odds have changed. This means that the amount you are risking for a higher payout has dropped significantly. All of the best online bookmakers will update their odds throughout the game, so take advantage.

Imagine that Australia is playing at home to England and you believe that Australia will win. Obviously, with the home advantage and current form of Australia, you could bet on a straight win. However, there would be other betting options to consider that still rely on backing Australia to win. You could back Australia to win, lay a draw or lay England.

If the odds of Australia winning are 1.45, then you are risking a £10 bet to win just £4.50 by backing Australia

Should the odds of a draw be 4.7, then you are risking £37 to win £10 by laying a draw

If the odds of England winning are 11.0, then you would be risking £100 to win £10 by laying England.

Also, don’t forget to take advantage of betting promotions such as free bets & sign-up offers that bookmakers regularly run. These kind of offers can really boost your chances of getting some extra value out of your bets.

Increasing your Chances with In-Play Betting

Now, because the chances of a draw have dropped significantly, even with these odds it’s possibly the best option. However, you can make is even better by in-play betting.

During the play, the prices of the outcomes will vary immensely. If it’s nearing the end and a draw is more likely, then the odds may have dropped to around 2.0. If this happens, you could then put down a £2 bet on a draw.  This could win you £22.50, which will drop your overall risk and liability from £37 to £14.40 – now it looks like this:

  • Backing Australia sees you risking £10 to win £4.50.
  • Laying a draw now sees you risking £14.40 to win £10.
  • Laying England still sees you risking £100 to win £10.

Looking at this new option, the clear favourite is laying to draw. Backing Australia doesn’t seem worth it and laying England is an insane risk for such a small profit.

Top Player Betting Strategy

If you want to focus more on players as opposed to the whole team, then another of the cricket betting strategies that you could employ is betting on the top batsman. If you opt to bet on the top team batsman, then you need to choose a team and then decide which man in that team is the most likely to score the most runs in his team. Obviously, the best way to make this decision is to look at the recent previous form.  An example would be choosing Steve Smith for Australia, as well as a player such as David Warner. These batsmen continually put out great performance when playing test matches.

However, as you can imagine, the odds for both of these players being top team batsman would always be low, because they would be the obvious favourites to score the most runs in the game. Another option is to try betting on outside players, still with decent records. Players such as Matt Wade are great because you’ll get a better price on them because obviously, they are a bigger risk. When employing this as one of your cricket betting strategies, you need to be aware that if there is a tie between 2 players, who score the exact same amount of runs, then dead-heat rules come into play. This means that your winnings would be halved. You would get back what you would have won if you’d placed half your original stake on the player.

Betting on the Top Match Batsman

As well as betting on the best team player, you could try to predict the top match batsman overall. This ups the ante of the strategy even more. Obviously, this involves taking both teams into consideration and picking the best player involved in the test match. This clearly is a trickier option but could also involve bigger profit margins if you win.

Betting on the top bowler is another option that you could utilise in this strategy. Should you choose this option, then you are betting on a bowler taking a certain number of wickets. Should there be 2 bowlers that have been credited with the same number of wickets, then it will boil down to the number of runs that each of the bowlers has conceded whilst bowling. In the unlikely event that these are also the same, then it will also go down to the dead heat rules. Again, this means that you will receive only half your winnings.

The Betting on Runs Strategy

Betting on the number of runs isn’t as risky as it sounds. No one is expecting you to know exactly how many runs will happen. Instead, you will be required to adopt the under/over strategy. You bet on whether you believe that the number of runs will be over or under a set amount. This is similar to the boxing betting strategy of over/under.   This is a particular amount that has been specified by the bookies. This could be applied to the first over or even the entire match. This cricket betting strategy is less risky than many overs as there are only 2 possible outcomes. With proper research, you would be well-equipped to make an educated guess as to what the outcome would be.

Another way of working this strategy is by betting on a fifty or hundred to be scored in a match. Simply look at the players, the conditions and the type of match it is and decide whether you think this is possible. The price would be lower for this if you were betting on a test match. However, if you were to bet on a T20, then you’d get a great price. Because of the length of the match, the chances of scoring a century in this type of match would be tricky.  Also, in wet conditions, cricketers tend to score fewer runs, so this can affect the chance of winning on this type of bet. If you want to increase the risk a little, then you could always bet on the first over as opposed to the entire match.

Betting on Outright Winner of a Season

This is riskier than betting on the winner of a match because there are so many teams to choose from. Instead of picking the best out of 2 and studying the form and players of 2 teams and the condition of 1 match, you have to research all the teams and understand the season much more in-depth. Because of all the variables that could arise with this, unforeseen injuries, bad weather etc., the best way to be successful with this strategy is by spreading your bets across two or three teams that you believe have a chance of winning.

There is no real guaranteed way to be successful in this strategy. However, you need to do all the research that you can, do your homework on all the teams, their stats, the players form, the conditions of the matches etc. This is risky, but like most of the risky strategies, if you get it right, you can make a pretty decent win on it.

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