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Football Betting Tips

One of the best things about betting online is all the free tips you can get from the experts. Here at BettingOnline, we not only find all the best tips and predictions for all the different leagues, but we also show you how to use them - to make the maximum winnings from your stake.

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Make the Most of Free Football Betting Tips

It’s not just enough to get the best free football betting tips and prediction, you also need to know how to use them properly. This means finding the best odds and the markets for what you want. Here are some of the best markets to bet on with those tips so that you can try to beat your bookmaker.

Fulltime Results

The most common market with football tipsters is full-time results predictions. In sports betting, there are two different ways of doing this. Firstly, you can bet on either team to win – or you could also bet on a draw – this is also called three-way betting. You can also bet on the match-winner full-time result using the Asian Handicap. This eradicates the draw result and makes seemingly one-sided matches more interesting and profitable to bet on. Bookies offer punter a goal handicap added to one team or deducted from the other. Therefore, the team needs to win by a certain amount of goals before you win the bet.

Example – if there is a +2.5 handicap then you add 2.5 goals to the team’s result. If this means they won the match, then they won the bet. E.g. Manchester City v Fulham +2.5. If Man City win 2-0, then when we add the handicap of 2.5, the result is 2-2.5 – so betting on Fulham would be the winner. However, if they win 3-0, then the Handicap score would be 3 – 2.5; therefore Man City would still be the winning team.

Fulltime Betting Odds Explained

When looking at a bookie, assuming we are betting on Manchester City vs West Ham, the odds are often laid out as follows:

Betting Markets Example

The 1 refers to the home team (which is always the first team – in this case, Manchester City) which has odds of 1/4; the X represents a draw – with odds of 7/1; the 2 represents the away team (the second team – in this case, West Ham) with odds of 5/1. This is for a regular 90-minute match. This doesn’t cover extra time. If it goes into extra time, you will be paid out for the draw – the result at the end of 90 minutes.

You can also get great free football betting tips and predictions for accumulators – with top accumulators available daily (BettingOnline daily accumulator tips can be found here). These tips are perfect for anyone looking for a bigger payout – with a bit more of risk attached. Accumulators, also known as Combo Bets and Parlays are all about putting your bets down on more than one result. You can combine bets on three, four, five and more different matches on one bet. This is a great way to get some amazing returns as each of the odds multiply to the next.


Pick One – odds of 2.00

Pick two – odds of 1.35

Pick three – odds of 2.55

Pick Four – odds of 3.6

The overall odds of your combined bet is 2.00 x 1.35 x 2.55 x 3.6 = 24.79

Therefore, if you were to bet £5 on this combined bet, you would see a return of £89.51 (total profit £84.51).

In a footballing year, punters stake millions of pounds on accas – by bettors looking for big returns from small stakes. When making an Acca, make sure each part of the combined bet is value. This is where getting the best Acca tips comes in handy, as the tipsters have done the hard work for you.

Check out our Free Acca of the day.

Football Tips for Under/Over Bets – And BTTS

This is another popular bet for tipsters. You simply have to predict whether you think there will be over or under a certain number of goals in the game. You’ll often find that bookies set the mark at 2.5. Therefore, if you believe that there will be three or more goals in the match, bet on over; if you believe there will be two or less, bet on under. Tipsters will look at the league, the history of the two teams playing; the injuries; whether they are looking for a draw or win etc. There are many factors to take into account.

The beauty of this type of betting is that you don’t need to predict the winner. If two to teams with great strikers are facing off, you can predict plenty of goals, but it won’t matter who wins. If there are two very defensive teams, then bet on under.

You can also get tips on BTTS – Both Teams to Score. You can bet on either yes or no. Again, betting tips will help you decide. The tipsters will look at the history of these two teams playing each other and see whether there is a trend of both teams scoring or not. Again, whether you win your bet doesn’t depend on the winner – just on whether both teams score a goal or not.

Today’s Football Predictions & Offers

Here at BettingOnline, we update our football tips regularly – with daily accumulator bets as well as weekly tips on the top European leagues, including Premier League; La Liga; Ligue 1; Serie A; Championship League, League One, and Scottish Premiership. We also have the top betting tips for the Champions League; Europa League and top Cup matches such as FA Cup; Carabao Cup and the Scottish Cup. Our top tipsters do all the hard work; looking for the best games, the best odds and the best value, so you can get the foremost out of your football betting. They have even collected a list of betting promotions that you can claim when using the tips.

Don’t forget to check out our top football betting strategies which, together with the best free football tips, will assist you in placing your bets.