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Working the Best Betting Strategies

Anyone who wants to make a profit in sportsbetting will know the importance of betting strategies. Knowing and employing the best betting strategies, together with choosing the betting site which suits your needs best, is key to becoming a successful sports bettor. Here we look through the best strategies around.

Know Your Team / Player

If you’re betting on a team sport, then you must get to know your teams as well as possible. This is a very important betting strategy. You need to find out all of the important information such as: their strengths and weaknesses; their current and previous form; how they perform home or away; injuries etc. You then need to evaluate all teams objectively. Don’t be biased towards a favourite team of yours.

You also need to look at any changes in the form and performance of the team from one season to the next. Look for players ageing, leaving, joining and evaluating the overall effect on the team. What difference does the manager make? How are they performing under that manager? Have they improved or declined recently? This needs to be continual. All teams are continually evolving.

The same goes for single player sports as well, Tennis is a good example. What is the player’s form? What is his record like? What might be affecting his/her performance?

Put Your Money on the Motivated

Teams and players can vary in their productivity depending on the importance of the match. The best of teams can give a lacklustre performance if there is no real motivation to win the game; conversely, a generally poor team can exceed expectations when the pressure is on.

When you look to bet on a team or player, look at how important the match is to them. If you’re a football bettor and the team is languishing mid-table and is safe from relegation but can’t get to the top, the final match is irrelevant. A team at the bottom will be playing for its life – regardless of the quality of the opponent.  A team who wishes to avenge a defeat from a previous game may also be highly motivated.

Bet not just on the skill of the team, but also the determination. This can be the deciding factor.

Never Chase a Loss

The biggest mistake – so easy to fall into – is chasing your loss. There will be times that you hit a bit of a losing streak. It happens in sports betting. The most important thing to remember when this happens is not to panic. If you do panic, the likelihood is that you will start chasing your losses to recoup your money. This is dangerous. Instead, look at your methods of betting; reduce the amount you are betting until you get back to winning. The favorite horse doesn’t always win its races and sometimes taking a break before jumping into another race, or into another bet, may be the best strategy.

Chasing your loss is the biggest and most common mistake out there. Only try to get that money back when you have started back on a winning streak; you can then gradually increase your bets to get some back. However, don’t go mad… just like losing streaks, winning streaks come and go.

Bet with Your Brain

Follow your head not your heart when you make a bet. You need to evaluate the team or sports player and make an objective and honest assessment of their chances. Never bet on a team or player just because it’s your favourite without considering all of the factors. If England, for instance, is facing New Zealand in the rugby World Cup and that’s played in New Zealand, you may want to think about it twice before betting on England to win because you would love to see them holding the trophy. You need to remain selective with your bets. You aren’t going to find great bets and odds every week and if you do, you’ll likely lose more. Be selective.

Remember Value Betting

True success only comes when you make those value bets. This mean you need to get odds that really reflect the outcome of the game. For example, if you think, truly, that the odds of Liverpool winning a game should be around 1/3, but the bookie is offering odds of 1/2 then this is a great value betting opportunity. In this particular scenario the ratio of risk to possible reward is in your favour, so Liverpool is a good bet in this instance.

Don’t Go With Public Opinion

If you bet on a team or player – such as the american MLB New York Yankees or Toronto Blue Jays – that have a huge following, then you will rarely find value betting. The high value bets are often to be found if you go against these high profile teams and players. The bookmakers generally tend to adjust their odds based on the amount of bets they expect. Because of this, the underdog will generally be given better odds than they actually deserve.

Check Out the Injury List

Watch out for the injuries, but don’t overreact. You need to check out who’s injured; the importance of that player on the team and the quality of the sub. There are some ‘super subs’  that are just as skilled and even more motivated as they are trying to prove themselves as a first pick player. Therefore sometimes it pays to put your money on a team where a good player is out injured. Also, because many people overreact to these injuries, there are often good value bets to be found here. However, should there be more than one injured player, or it’s the team captain, then be a little more wary.

Obviously if it’s a single player sport then the injury could be devastating to the player’s chance. Nadal, no matter how good, will struggle with a slight wrist injury or bad knee. Same can be said for a Formula 1 driver who went under surgery a few weeks before a race, he may be the best driver but will likely not take the same level of risks he would have taken if he had gone under surgery months before the race.