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Formula 1 Betting Tips

This may not be one of the most obvious sports to bet on, but Formula One is becoming increasingly popular, not just in the UK, but all around Europe and beyond.

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Making the Most of F1 Betting Tips and Predictions

Here are our top Formula 1 betting tips. The world of F1 is like a soap opera; there are all different dramas going on. To many, it looks like drivers going round and round in circles, trying not to crash and to be the first one to cross the line. However, for those people in the know, they are all vying for points. All of the drivers are in a fight for the Championship – and many times there are a couple of drivers going head to head for top spot. This battle can often be incredibly exciting. Betting on Formula One adds to the excitement even more. Therefore, sourcing out the best Formula 1 betting tips is very important.

When betting on Formula 1, you may think about simply betting on the winner of the race – or the winner of the Championship. However, there’s so much more to it than that. Often the value bets lie outside of the main bets. There can often be value looking at things like qualification position and podium finishes etc.

As well as this, you really need to be able to access the best odds. Being a successful bettor means getting those small wins – what are those best odds. These all make a difference through the course of a season.

Types of F1 Betting Tips

Whether you’re new to Formula 1 betting or have had plenty of experience, there will definitely be value by sourcing out the best Formula 1 betting tips. You’ll be able to find the best value bets and the best odds – as well as increase your chances of winning with the help of someone really in the know.

Race Winner Betting Tips

These are the most common types of formula one betting tips you’ll find. These are also generally the easiest and simplest bets to make. The tipster predicts who he believes will win the race. If the driver wins, then your bet wins. However, if he loses, your bet is lost. Because it is such a common bet, the most important thing is that you find a value bet on this. The race favourite often has pretty low odds, so the tipster will be looking to see if there are details that suggest there could be another winner – with more value and better odds.

Formula 1 Matchup Betting Tips

This is also a pretty common type of bet – and as such, there will be tips available for this. A matchup bet is when the bookie pits between 2-6 drivers against each other. Then tipster’s job is to choose the driver that they believe will get the highest place finish in the race. These can be a little bit more fun than the race winner bet. They also offer more ways to find value bets. There are often around 10 – 15 different matchup bets available, so it’s worth a punt.

Formula 1 Top 3 Betting Tips

Formula 1 top 3 betting tips are also known as Podium betting tips. This is where a tipster will pick a driver (or drivers) that they believe will have a top-three finish in the race. It is irrelevant whether they finish first, second or third. No matter where they come, the payout will be the same. These are pretty common bets that are available in most bookies. As such, you’ll find tips and odds available for this type of bet.

Formula 1 Top 6 Betting Tips

As the name suggests, these are very similar to Formula 1 Top 3 (Podium) bets. However, these are even easier as the driver/s the tipster selects only have to finish in the top 6 in the race in order to win the bet. However, because they aren’t as tough to predict, there isn’t as much value in these bets, therefore you will not often find betting tips for a top 6 finish. Also, there aren’t often options available for the favoured drivers, which make them a little less favourable in the eyes of the tipsters.

Winning Margin Betting Tips

This is a pretty tricky bet to predict, as there are so many variables in this. Therefore, you won’t often find the tipster ready to help here. However, because they are so tricky, the odds will often be pretty decent, so if you can find a tip, then great. Generally, the bookmaker will offer the winning margin in-group – i.e. under 5.9 seconds, between 6.0 and 8.9, and over 9 seconds. Some make it easier and offer over / under bets on this.

Formula One Future Betting Tips

Often, tipsters will offer their predictions for future bets – for the Formula 1 Driver Championship and the Constructors Championship. However, these aren’t as easy to predict as you may think. Many punters might assume that because a driver won last and a team won last year that they’ll do the same again. However, the tipsters will look into it a little bit deeper. In order to have more chance of predicting a future winner, you need to know a lot about the sport. This is where the tipsters come into it. They have done their research and they have the best insider knowledge.

Formula 1 Proposition Betting Tips

Some tipsters might offer the occasional prop betting tips. Obviously, they won’t offer tips on luck bets – bets based on random things that might happen during the race. However, tipster might offer their predictions on the number of pit stops a driver/team might make, based on previous experience.

Qualifying Betting Tips

Occasionally, tipsters will offer their predictions on what position a driver will come in in qualifying. They might offer tips on what driver will take pole position, or whether they’ll qualify in the top 3 etc. You can often get nice odds and value on these bets.
Betting on Formula 1 can be extremely good fun. However, if you take it seriously, there some money that can be made on it. All you need is the right odds, the best deals, the best value and the best Formula 1 betting tips and predictions at BettingOnline.