Your Guide to the Best UFC/MMA Betting Tips at BettingOnline


In comparison with other sports that people like to bet on, MMA and UFC are pretty recent. However, this means that there’s more chance of being able to outsmart the bookies. One of the best ways to get one over on the bookies is by getting access to top UFC predictions and MMA predictions from the best tipsters.

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Making the Most of MMA and UFC Betting Tips

MMA/UFC is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and more and more people are getting in on the act by betting on it. If you want to try and bet on the MMA, then there are top MMA betting tips that are available, which makes it easier. Therefore, here at BettingOnline, we offer the top tips from some of the best in the industry.

Without a doubt, the most popular of the MMA fighting leagues is the UFC – The Ultimate Fighting Championship. So, the MMA is the sport, and the UFC is the ‘league’. There are plenty of different leagues in the MMA, but the UFC is the ‘Premier League’. Therefore, most of the tips you’ll find for MMA will be for the UFC.

MMA is Mixed Martial Arts – which means fighters can combine the skills of all different fighting styles. You’ll come across judo experts, kickboxing experts, karate experts and more, pitting their skills against one-another.

The Types of MMA Tips / UFC Tips You’ll Find

Match Betting Tips

This is the most common and simple type of betting tip you’ll find is Match Betting. The tipster simply looks through the stats and all the important information to predict who will be the winner of the fight. Picking the winner means winning the bet. However, when fights have a heavy favourite, this isn’t always the most profitable form of betting. Often there are extremely low odds that make the bet pointless. As such, not only is it a pointless bet, but you don’t really need a tipster to point out the obvious. This is where you might want to consider searching for parlays or prop bet tips. Here you can bet on the fighter but for better odds.

However, on the whole, this is the most popular type of bet and tip you’ll find available.

Method of Victory Betting Tips

Another type of MMA tip you might come across is the Method of Victory betting tip. A fight can only end by either knockout, submission or decision. A popular bet is to bet on the way it will end. The good thing is, you don’t have to bet on the winner – just how it will end.

So, a tipster might look at if there are two big hitters facing off. It might be tough to pick a winner from the two, but it would be likely that whoever wins will win by knockout. However, if there are two fighters that don’t excel in hard punching – i.e. wrestlers, it might be tricky to call the winner, but a decision result would be worth a shot. You’ll get better odds for a win here – as there are three possible as opposed to the two match winner outcome options.

Over / Under Betting Tips

Here, a bookie will post a round total, and the tipster looks at the fighters and their stats to see if he/she believes the fight will last over or under that number of rounds. In general, three round fights have a benchmark of 2.5, so here, the tipster is simply predicting whether it will go the distance or not. However, sometimes the benchmark will be 1.5 rounds, so the fight might be over but still not last the distance

For longer fights, it is generally under / over 2.5. Obviously, if a tipster sees two big hitters, the chances of under are higher.

Round Betting Tips

This requires tipsters to predict which round they feel a fight will end at. Because this is much tougher than predicting a winner – and tougher than over / under rounds, the odds are great if you get it right. Therefore, if you think a fight will be over quickly, then it would be much more lucrative to bet on round 1 or round 2 than on ‘under’. Getting advice from tipsters here could make a big difference. You could also find tips on what fighter will win in that round.

Different types of round betting tips:
– Basic Round Bet (the round it will end)
– Round Bet with Fight Winner
– Round Bet with Fight Winner and Method of Victory

Unfortunately, although you can make an educated guess, it’s a tough one to call and the results can be varied and very random. As such, these are good bets to mix with other, more probable bets.

Parlay / Accumulator Betting Tips

Parlay / Accumulator (acca) MMA betting tips occur when a tipster picks the winners of several fights and puts them together in one bet. However, to be a successful bet, the tipster has to get every one of the winners right. A good way that tipsters make this more profitable is by adding an underdog into the mix. However, it’s also a way to make more profit if you want to be on a bunch of favourites.

As you can imagine, the accumulator bet is more risky than a straight match bet – but as such, the odds are way higher.

Be careful when betting an accumulator and do make use of the acca tips available. It’s best to build up from match betting, to doubles, to 3-ways and then on. The best acca tipster uses sure bets to improve odds that don’t offer great value when played separately.

MMA Prop Betting Tips

These tips are for more exotic types of bets, focusing on the smaller details of the night. Prop bets are most notably:
– Fight to go the Distance
– Points Handicap
– Fighter of the Night Award

The Fighter of the Night consists of three different bets – Knockout of the Night, Submission of the Night and Fight of the Night.