Make the Most of Golf Betting Tips & Predictions at BettingOnline

Golf Betting Tips

People don’t always take golf as seriously as a sport, as it looks like a game where people just walk around on a nice lawn and hit a ball in a hole with a stick. It sounds easy to play and simple to master, right? Wrong. However, golf is an incredibly popular sport, to play, to watch and even to bet on.

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Making the Most of Golf Betting Tips

Whether you’re a big fan of golf or not – to play or watch, it’s always interesting and exciting to bet on. As such, there are a variety of betting types available to play golf. This is where the best tipsters are on hand to help out. Here at BettingOnline, not only do we dig out the best golf betting odds for you, but also we have top tipsters to give you the best golf betting tips and predictions.

If you want to be a successful sports bettor, you need to know exactly what types of bets there are available. Golf is now a way to make lots of money at the bookies if you know what you’re doing. It’s not just all about who will win the tournament; the bets available are more varied than ever. Here are the top golf betting tips you’ll find.

Types of Golf Betting Tips

Here are the most common types of golf betting tips you’ll find here at BettingOnline

To Win Betting Tips

These are the most common bet types for tipsters. Here you’ll find a tip on which golfer they believe will win a tournament or a round. It really is very simple.

Because of the number of people in a tournament, you’ll generally get much better odds than evens for tournament winners. However, this also means it’s a little harder to predict. Therefore, having helpful advice from tipsters who have done their research will come in helpful. Picking one from a wide number of players is tougher, that means you get better rewards for picking it right.

E.g. The favourite in an upcoming tournament is priced at 22/1 – which means that if you put £10 on the favourite, you’ll get a return of £220. These are decent odds for the favourite. If you have a tipster to guide you to the correct outcome, then there’s big money to be made.

Head to Head Matchups Tips

These are fun bets to make and are great if a tipster has an idea of how well specific players will play – but not necessarily sure about the whole field. There may be a few unknowns on the field, and this would be a slightly safer bet. With a head to head bet, the tipster will choose two golfers and decide whom they think will beat the other.
In a head-to-head bet, it really doesn’t matter how well the golfer performs compared to anyone else – just the chose opponent. They could come second to last – as long as their opponent comes last.

Here, the odds will represent a 2-way result. Therefore, if there are two evenly matched players, then you’ll get odds that are around evens for both players. However, if there is a clear favourite/underdog, the odds will reflect this.
This type of bet isn’t as common, and generally, are more available online than at brick and mortar bookies. These are more available in bigger tournaments

Futures Tips

These are tips that are popular in all different sports. These are more long-term bets. The main example of a Futures betting tip is a tip on the winner of the FedEx Cup.
The good thing about finding a tip on this is the payout if you can get it right. Because it’s a tough one to predict, the payout is pretty decent. In general, you’ll find these tips around the start of the year or just before the start of the play-offs.

As you can imagine, if you find tips at the beginning of the year. It’s better to go then, as the odds will be better. If the golfer plays well during the year in the run-up, his odds will decrease. You could find a tipster who takes a chance on a player struggling at the beginning who he believes will turn it around.

Obviously, the more the chance of the player increases or decreases, their odds will follow suit. Therefore, a tipster might recommend you make your bet with a specific online bookie who may have over-reacted to one bad performance.
Don’t be late – you don’t want to bet on a player straight after a really good performance. That will be when everyone else does it – and that doesn’t make for successful and value betting. Online bookies reflect the betting trends of the public. People will bet on a player straight after a good performance. Find a tipster that gets you there earlier.

Prop Bets Tips

These aren’t as common for tipsters as often they are bets that are very random. They could be proposition bets on if something will happen or not, or how many times it will happen.

There are two different types of proposition bets – skilled and non-skilled. If you do come across props tips, it’ll be for skilled prop bets.

Unskilled prop bets are fun and exciting – but far too random wot make an educated guess on – it could even be a bet on whether a player will kiss his other half on the 18th hole. This is simply a lucky guess. There is no skill involved in betting on these bets.

Then there are skilled bets. Here you are more likely to find tips available. These skilled prop bets could include whether there are over/under x number of birdies on a specific hole; the tipster could check out the weather (good for scoring or not), the skill set of the players, the course etc. At first glance, it may seem like an unskilled bet – just a guess – but a skilled tipster can weigh up what is happening and make a prediction.

There are plenty of golf betting tips available for all different types of bets. If you mix the best odds, with the best strategies and tips, then the chances of value and successful golf betting is pretty decent.