France v Holland betting tips, odds and predictions

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9/9 France v Holland betting tips and predictions

On Sunday evening football fans will enjoy the spectacular football match of France v Holland. These two teams are among the best national teams in the world and fans are going to enjoy watching the great skills and talents that both teams will show.

During this match, there will certainly be many goals, because France was the winner of the World Cup in Russia and has many great young players who are hungry for goals. Holland is also a great team and they will try their best to beat the world champion.

There are many good players on both sides, but my opinion is that France is going to win this match. One of the reasons is that French players want to show again that they are the best. They will want to prove that they won the World Cup because they are the best national team in the world and that they are still top form.

Our Predictions For The Game

The French form is on top, their communication in the team is great, they have many great individuals in the team. France is a great team and is very impressive. They showed exactly what they can do at the World Cup.

However, Holland is also a great team, they have good players and they could cause France some problems.

Having said that, we would still choose to bet on France to win this match.  888sport give us great odds of 1.53 for this outcome.


Mbappe, a young talented player, is just one of the advantages of the French national team. He was impressive at the World Cup. His skills and talent are a beauty to behold.

There are also several other great individuals in the team.

Currently, the French squad is fantastic,  their tactics are interesting and we can enjoy watching every one of their games.

They will score many goals.


They are favourites in almost every game they play. They communicate very well, have a great all-round team and score a whole lot of goals.

Reasons For And Against The Tip:

✓ France will want to prove its domination.

✓ The younger players in the French team will want to prove themselves.

✓ France is on top form.

✘ Holland will have a great desire to win because they’ll want to show they have the power to beat the world champions.

✘ Holland is in good form and has good players.


Tip: France to win

Odds: 1.53 @888Sport

Time: 19:45

Units: 3/5

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