Olympiakos Piraeus v Burnley betting tips, odds and predictions

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Olympiakos Piraeus v Burnley Betting Tips and Predictions 23/8

In the play-offs for the Europa League, we get to witness home team Olympiakos Piraeus v Burnley. This could turn out to be a very tough match with a lot of fouls and, we hope, lots of yellow and maybe one or two red cards.

Our Tips and Prediction For This Game:

Olympiakos is the clear favourite in this match, but because of this, the odds offered on their win represent no real value at all. We also expect very few scored goals… but odds on that aren’t great either. Luckily, we found one bet that is very interesting and this market is equally as fun; we will take a bet on Olympiakos Piraeus to get 2 or more yellow cards. Greek teams are known to play dirty; Burnley has some very fast and very technically skilful players and this combined, suggests that the home team will be getting multiple yellow cards in this match. We found great odds for this of 1.67 @ 888sport.

The biggest reason we chose to bet on this is due to referee Slavko Vincic. In the last season in the Champions League and Europa League… and in one game in this year’s Champions League qualifiers, the Slovenian referee has shown the home team multiple yellow cards in every one of the six games he has presided over.

Olympiakos Piraeus:

The Greek team is known for its aggressive style of play; coach Pedro Martins demands a lot from his players. This season they have already played two games in the Europa League qualifiers. In the first match, they hosted Luzern and won 4-0. However, despite the big win, they managed to get two yellow cards in just 61 minutes of the game. In the next game, even though they knew they were through, they got their only yellow card in the game as early as the 32nd minute.


The English team is known for its defensive approach to the game and seeking its main chances via counterattacks. The team has very fast and skilful players who sometimes need to be stopped by any means possible. In four Europa League qualification games this season, their opponents collected six yellow cards in four games.

Slavko Vincic referee stats last two seasons:

Slavko Vincic referee stats last two seasons:

Reasons For and Against The Tip:

✓ Referee, Slavko Vincic, is very generous when giving out yellow cards, especially to the home team.

✓ Olympiakos Piraeus is a very aggressive side; their coach, Pedro Martins, encourages a physical style of play.

✓ Burnley has very quick and very technically gifted players; the home team will surely go hard at them if they want to stop the goals.

✘ Burnley is known as a defensive side, so they might let Olympiakos Piraeus have ball possession of over 70 per cent; therefore, the home team could dominate and might not have chances to tackle hard.


Tip: Home team over 1.5 yellow cards

Odds: 1.67 @ 888sport

Time: 20:00

Units: 4/5

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