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Premier League Fixtures 2019/20 Odds and Tips

The Premier League fixtures 2019/20 are now out, and it’s getting exciting. Each of the teams will have made their transfers and have had plenty of practise in pre-season friendlies. At BettingOnline, we will be looking at all of the fixtures for the upcoming 2019/20 Premier League matches.

All kick-offs are 15:00 on Saturdays and Bank Holidays unless otherwise stated. Remember, all fixtures are still subject to alteration.

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Friday August 9

 20.00 Liverpool v Norwich


Saturday August 10

 12.30 West Ham v Man City
  Bournemouth v Sheffield United
  Burnley v Southampton
  Crystal Palace v Everton
  Watford v Brighton
  Spurs v Aston Villa


Sunday August 11

  Leicester v Wolves
  Newcastle v Arsenal
  Manchester United v Chelsea


Saturday August 17

12.30  Arsenal v Burnley
  Aston Villa v Bournemouth
  Brighton v West Ham
  Everton v Watford
  Norwich v Newcastle
  Southampton v Liverpool
  Manchester City v Spurs


Sunday August 18

15.00 Sheffield United v Crystal Palace
17.30  Chelsea v Leicester


Monday August 19

21.00 Wolves v Manchester United


Friday August 23

21.00 Aston Villa v Everton


Saturday August 24

13.30  Norwich v Chelsea
 16.00 Brighton v Southampton
 16.00 Manchester United v Crystal Palace
 16.00 Sheffield United v Leicester
 16.00 Watford v West Ham
 16.00 Wolves v Burnley
 18.30 Liverpool v Arsenal


Sunday August 25

15.00 Bournemouth v Manchester City
17.30  Spurs v Newcastle


Saturday August 31

 13.30 Southampton v Manchester United
 16.00 Chelsea v Sheffield United
 16.00 Crystal Palace v Aston Villa
16.00  Leicester v Bournemouth
16.00  Manchester City v Brighton
16.00  Newcastle v Watford
16.00  West Ham v Norwich
18.30  Burnley v Liverpool


Sunday September 1

15.00 Everton v Wolves
 17.30 Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur


Saturday September 14

13.30 Liverpool v Newcastle
16.00  Brighton v Burnley
16.00  Manchester United v Leicester
16.00  Sheffield United v Southampton
16.00  Tottenham Hotspur v Crystal Palace
16.00  Wolves v Chelsea
18.30  Norwich v Manchester City


Sunday September 15

15.00 Bournemouth v Everton
17.30  Watford v Arsenal


Monday September 16

21.00 Aston Villa v West Ham


Friday September 20

21.00 Southampton v Bournemouth


Saturday September 21

13.30 Leicester v Tottenham Hotspur
16.00  Burnley v Norwich
16.00  Crystal Palace v Wolves
16.00  Everton v Sheffield United
16.00  Manchester City v Watford
18.30  Newcastle v Brighton


Sunday September 22

15.00 West Ham v Manchester United
17.30  Arsenal v Aston Villa
17.30  Chelsea v Liverpool


Saturday September 28

13.30 Sheffield United v Liverpool
16.00  Bournemouth v West Ham
16.00  Aston Villa v Burnley
16.00  Chelsea v Brighton
16.00  Crystal Palace v Norwich
16.00  Tottenham Hotspur v Southampton
16.00  Wolves v Watford
18.30  Leicester v Newcastle


Sunday September 29

17.30 Everton v Manchester City


Monday September 30

21.00 Manchester United v Arsenal



Saturday October 5

16.00 Brighton v Tottenham Hotspur
16.00  Burnley v Everton
16.00  Liverpool v Leicester
16.00  Manchester City v Wolves
16.00  Norwich v Aston Villa
16.00  Southampton v Chelsea
16.00  Watford v Sheffield United
16.00  West Ham v Crystal Palace


Sunday October 6

TBC Arsenal v Bournemouth
TBC Newcastle v Manchester United


Saturday October 19

16.00 Bournemouth v Norwich
16.00  Aston Villa v Brighton
16.00  Chelsea v Newcastle
16.00  Crystal Palace v Manchester City
16.00  Everton v West Ham
16.00  Leicester v Burnley
16.00  Manchester United v Liverpool
16.00  Sheffield United v Arsenal
16.00  Tottenham Hotspur v Watford
16.00  Wolves v Southampton
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