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West Brom v Nottingham Forest Betting Tips

The Hawthorn Stadium will be host to a true clash of football greatness this evening. With West Brom practically undefeated at home, and Forest battling to secure their spot in the Premier League, tonight’s game  will definitely represent an absolute game changer for either of the two teams that are more than ready for what is in store. Here’s our West Brom v Nottingham Forest betting tips.

A Match to Remember

Tonight, we will see if West Brom truly is capable of maintaining their good stats earned by an outstanding performance so far. The home team is a true titan at home turf and only two teams have managed to score a goal at the Hawthorn Stadium in the last 4 matches. Truth of the matter is that West Brom did have a turbulent last few matches, as they were defeated in their last two games; however, that might prove irrelevant in this run. Remember, West Brom has a winning spree of 15 out of 17 of their last games and a whopping 19 wins out of 23 matches at home. These statistics outmatch Forest, but they still remain a formidable opponent that can’t be taken for granted.

Looking for the Top Spots

Forest managed to move up to the 9th spot in the tables after the match with Brantford, and their ultimate goal is to come closer to the top 6 after tonight’s match. Luckily, the fact they overcame Brantford gave them a standing chance, but it is yet to be seen if they will be able to contend with the 4th placed West Brom on their home turf. But will these well-earned stats help them in achieving victory to the Hawthorn titan known as West Brom? That remains to be seen.


Forest have suffered 4 away defeats in row, and they haven’t mange to score a goal in any of them. In the last 15 away games, they only won one. They don’t play well away from home and they are unfortunately bringing their problems to this game as well.  Nonetheless, they have a solid foothold in the top 10 and a motivation to enter the Premier League.

Unfortunately for Forest, this might not be enough as the numbers tell a completely different story. The truth is, West Brom has a 2.33 goal per game ratio earned at home, which makes them the Hawthorn record holders and the most powerful opponent on those grounds. Forest needs 5 more points to land in the top 6, and in order to do that they must have a clear victory here for starters.

Home Advantage

Also, West Brom is playing on home turf which represents a huge advantage, taking into account their home winning sprees. Statistically, they also scored the most goals at home, which doesn’t help Forest at all. Taking into account the numbers, the home turf and over-all performance of both teams, there’s little doubt of the outcome. Still, this match will be interesting to see, as both teams have a lot to lose, and literally everything to gain. West Brom might land in the top 3, and Forest might land in the top 8.

The outcome of this match for us is a no-brainer. West Brom will most likely claim victory, scoring at least 2 goals against Forest.


Our Tip: West Brom to win – 1.80 at Bet365