IFK Nörrkoping v Malmö FF betting tips, odds and predictions

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26/9 IFK Norrköping v Malmö FF Betting Tips and Predictions

Today we’re going to look at IFK Nörrkoping v Malmö FF. We have many top games today, but the odds bookers have been really good.  However, we’ve not found too much value in the big games today. There is one meeting between two big teams in Sweden thought, and there we have found some great odds. Shall we go for the 6th winning tip in a row?

Our Prediction For This Game:

There is a big game today in Allsvenskan. IFK Norrköping, currently in second place, is hosting Malmö FF, in fourth place. Both teams are in great shape and we will see a real fight today! It’s not easy to predict the winner, because they both have so much to play for, and to be honest, it could go either way. However, we have found a great bet that they have managed in the last 5 out of the last 5 games; that’s over 2.5 goals, and 888 sport gives us 1.75 odds for that to happen.

IFK Norrköping:

AIK has a good 6 points lead in Allsvenskan. However, if Norrköping wins today they may have a chance to fight for first place. Norrköping, Hammarby and Malmö FF are all fighting for the 2 European League places, and there’s only one point between them. Norrköping has scored in the last six games, and if we have a look at the 22 games they have played this season, there is only one game in which they have not scored. They have a great offensive and they will likely score one or two goals in today’s game for sure; it’s way too important for them to play it safe.

Malmö FF:

Malmö have 8 points less than AIK, who are in first place. Their chance of winning Allsvenskan are small, but they are still fighting in the Europa League. They did not have a good start, but after the summer they upped their game and have now 8 straight wins in a row. In the 4 latest games, they have scored 15 goals, and that gives them an average of 3.75 goals per game.

Reason for and against the tip:

✓ They have played over 2.5 in 5 out of the last 5 games.
✓ Malmö have scored 3.75 goals per match on average in their 4 last games.
✘ They may play it safe and be happy with a draw since there’s a lot at stake in today’s game.


Tip: Over 2.5 goals

Odds: 1.75 @888Sport
Time: 19:00
Units: 4/5

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