How Do You Place a Bet? -

How Do You Place a Bet?

How To Place a Bet on a Sports Event

You’ve worked out what bet you want to make; you now have to get around to actually making that bet. But how do you do it? You’ve decided your selection; you’ve decided how much you are going to wager; however, you have now got to figure out your next step.

There are a variety of ways in which you can choose to make your sports bet. If you’re more old school, you can pop into your local betting shop, or even make a bet over the telephone. Furthermore, you can visit an online casino that has its own sportsbook, or you could simply visit an online branch of a sportsbook. With all these different methods available, making a bet has never been so easy.

Betting in a Bookmaking Shop

Bookmaking shops are hugely common. You will find a bookie on most high streets.  In the UK, you won’t ever have to go too far to find your local bookie. If you want to do it the old school way, then simply fill in your betting slip with your selection and wager, then take it up to the counter. You then hand over your bet and the cashier will confirm the odds and your bet. They will also let you know how much you stand to win should your bet come in.

If you are successful with your wager, then to claim your winnings simply go to the cashier with your winning betting slip and they will generally pay you your money in cash. However, if it is an extra-large sum of money, they may choose a different method to pay your winnings. The benefit of going to a bookmaking shop is that the cashier is there to guide you through it if you are unsure of the procedure. However, do not lose your betting slip. No slip, no winnings.

Betting over the Phone

This is something that is available in most bookmakers. It’s a very straightforward process. Simply call up your bookmaker and let the cashier know all the details of your wager. The cashier will then confirm the current odds for your bet and tell you how much you stand to win. You will then need to pay for the bet over the phone with either a credit or debit card. There may be other payment options available, depending on the bookie, and some may even offer you credit.

Betting with an Online Sportsbook

Without a doubt, these are probably the easiest and most common ways in which to place your sports bets. They are quick and very convenient, allowing you to place your bets without leaving the house. Since the first online sportsbooks came around in the late 1990s, the popularity of sportsbetting has risen as it has now become more readily accessible and available.

One of the benefits of these online betting sites is the fact that they are generally very easy to use. Simply open an account by following the steps given, then deposit the funds into your account and then making your bet is as easy as just a few clicks of your mouse.

In general, online bookmakers cover a huge variety of sports and markets. It is highly likely that whatever bet you wish to make, you’ll be able to find on most of the sites – from the big horse racing and Premier League bets to lesser-known and less popular sporting events such as darts tournaments and even ice hockey and volleyball events. Also, many online bookmakers are highly competitive with the odds on offer. Not only this, but online bookmakers often give out impressive sign-up betting offers, great rewards and promotions, so you are getting much more for your money than with any bookmakers shop.

There are also lots of different online bookmakers comparison sites that will help you find the bookmaker that is best for your needs – you can then choose if you want to go for the bookmakers with the best betting promotions, the online bookmaker with the best markets and sports, or any other criteria that you feel is important when making your bets.

What to Bear in Mind

Whatever method you choose: shop, phone or online, it’s important to get the basics right. You need to know exactly what kind of bet you are making, as there are lots of different types of bets available. Obviously the simplest is a straight Win Bet – involving you just picking a winner. If you are new to betting and this is your first, then this is the best way to start. You could even go for an outright if you feel more confident. Also, make sure that you understand the odds. Whether you use an online odds calculator or have someone help you, this is important. You can only know if your bet is value and worth it if you understand the possible outcome. Finally, be picky. No matter if you choose a shop, phone or online, pick the best. Make sure the bookie is trustworthy, good value and offers the best customer service.

With so many ways to make your bets these days, it’s never been quicker, easier or more fun placing those winning sports bets. Make sure you do it right.

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