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Top 20 Tips for Successful Betting

Are you looking for the top tips to succeed in sportsbetting? If so, then we have just the thing for you – our top 20 tips that will help you avoid making mistakes and start making those smart decisions. Although there are plenty of sports fans that like to place bets, only a few are successful in the long run – because they don’t follow those few simple rules for successful betting. Here are our Top 20 Tips for Successful Betting.


The Basic Principles of a Successful Player

  • In sportsbetting, the psyche always plays an important role.
  • Every bettor should know as much as they can on their sport
  • Never underestimate the importance of the odds
  • Sportsbetting is a long term project
  • The bettor should be sure to set spending limits
  • Getting started is easier than ever thanks to the best welcome bonuses on offer.


Success at Sportsbetting: How You Can Succeed

It’s important to know right from the beginning that there can never be – and will never be a guarantee for success at gambling. However, sportsbetting is a game of probabilities – and therefore a successful outcome will be more likely if you have a lot of knowledge – or know someone that does. Here are 20 top tips for successful tips to help each bettor get better.

  1. Open Accounts with Multiple Sportsbooks

Before any bettor can start making bets, they must first open a betting account. We recommend that you open accounts with several betting operators, so you will always be able to bet on all different sports and make all different types of bets. You’ll also have access to the best odds on the market. Thanks to instant payment methods, such as Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal etc. it isn’t necessary to have money waiting in your accounts. If you find a good value bet, then make an instant deposit and make your bet.


  1. Make the Most of a Good Bonus

At this moment in time, it’s very rare to come across a bookmaker that doesn’t offer new players a welcome bonus. This is something you should be taking advantage of.

Sometimes, there can be up to a couple of hundred pounds to start with. This makes successful betting easier – and more likely. However, do beware because so bookies attract a new player with amazing bonuses offers, but then make the requirements too difficult to meet. As a result, many successful bettors know when to swerve the welcome bonus. So, before taking up any welcome bonus, make sure you check out all the terms and conditions.


  1. Find Out About the Most Current Betting Theories and Strategies

If you do want to be successful at sports betting, you need to know more than just about the basics of betting. A true betting expert will be the one who regularly reads up on betting – looking into new developments, newer types of bets, guarantees available etc.

It wasn’t too long ago that ‘cash out’ was introduced – and it is now available in nearly every bookmaker around. A punter can then evaluate their bet before the end of the match and secure a win – although usually at the expense of the amount of profit.


  1. Calculate Probabilities

The most important part of a betting strategy is probability. Sports betting is a game of probability that is expressed by the odds. While newbies only see the odds as a multiplier for their potential win, more advanced bettors see the probability that the bookmaker attached to that particular event. You, therefore, need to understand all about odds and what they mean.


  1. Choose the Right Odds

So, what odds are the right odds? Successful punters are often successful because they have an advantage over the bookmaker – they have more knowledge. They might have more up-to-date news on an important player or know of a team’s poor form that hasn’t been considered in the bookies’ price. If you find a bet like this – this would be called a value bet – therefore, knowledge is key to finding a value bet.

Beware: It has happened (although generally by less reputable bookmakers) that bets have been rejected or voided because you have made what is considered a ‘sure bet’.


  1. Opt for Single Bets

There are three types of bets available for players – single bets, combination bets and system bets. Although the jury is out on compound bets – some experts like them and some don’t, pretty much all betting experts dislike system bets. Not without reason either. Therefore, the best bet is to go for the single bet – which takes a little bit of luck and a lot of knowledge.  However, a combination bet takes a lot of knowledge – and a lot of luck. A lot of unexpected things can happen in one game – the likelihood of something unexpected happening increases if you are betting on more than one game


  1. Live Bets offer Exciting Opportunities

Sometimes you can read a game better and decide which way the game will turn after it has been on for a couple of minutes. If so, then live betting is just right for you. Live betting allows you to react immediately to what is happening in the game. If you like to react quickly to what is happening on the pitch, the live betting might prove to be more successful or you.


  1. Don’t Be Afraid of Outsiders

Seeing big odds or a single bet can put some punters off. Statements like ‘They won’t win anyway’ aren’t uncommon. However, statistics show that taking a punt on an underdog can definitely be worthwhile. Having said that, you should adjust your bet accordingly, because high odds earn you more profit than lower odds.


  1. Bet at the Right Time

Time is money – and this is true in the case of sports betting. Therefore, it’s important that we include this in our 20 tips. You should find out as soon as the bets are added for your event/market. Early on, the odds are often more attractive – the later it gets, the less attractive the odds are. However, you need to remember that betting earlier carries more risks. A player could be ruled out with injury or something else might happen that could affect your chance of a win.


  1. Be Content with Small Profits

If you try to get too greedy, then you’ll often end up with nothing. This is true in general and it is true in sports betting. If you are going for a combi-bet, then go for a couple of games, rather than a lot just to push up the profits. A smaller profit is much better than a loss.


  1. Sports Betting is More a Marathon than a Sprint

When it comes to sports betting, there is a simple rule. If you try to win big money fast, chances are you’ll lose big money fast. Patience and psyche play an important role in sports betting. Be prepared for a marathon and not a sprint.


  1. Make Sure You Have Good Money Management Skills

Many betting experts don’t have too much in common. Everyone has their own strategy and formula for success. However, one topic on which everyone agrees is money management skill. A good system should maximise profits in the long terms and hopefully minimise losses.


  1. Determine a Maximum Bet Amount

The first part of a good working money management strategy is setting a betting limit. The starting capital you invest shouldn’t be too small. If you invest 50% of your purse in one single bet then you’ll be out of money very quickly


  1. Never Make a Bet out of Frustration – Ever

When you lose a bet, the money is gone – and is often replaced by a lot of frustration. Many newcomers then make the mistake of placing bets out of that frustration and anger – to win back losses. These bets are placed for emotional reasons and these are often not very successful – and just lead to more frustration and anger.


  1. Keep a Record of Your Bets

Sports betting isn’t always thrilling and exciting. A lot of sports betting professionals’  time is spent analyzing games and checking statistics. A true betting professional also documents all of his decisions to keep a record of different outcomes – what was the right decision – and what would have been the right decision.


  1. Talk to Other Bettors

As sports betting is becoming more and more popular, you will probably get the chance to meet many like-minded people on the internet. You should then chat with them, share experiences and information – and learn from each other. You can then incorporate other people’s opinions and views into your strategies.


  1. Meet a Variety of Punters

If you do get to know other bettors, then you can benefit from them. If you have different areas of expertise, then you can offer them your tips – and they can give you tips in their specialised area. The bigger your network, the more good tips you’ll be able to access.


  1. Become an Expert in Your Sport

Only a person who is a real expert in a sport can make a long-term profit from sports betting. Therefore, it is advisable to build up your knowledge in just one or two sports, rather than know a little bit about lots of sports.


  1. Watch the Games Live

To become a real expert in your sport, you must pay a lot of attention when watching the games. You should look at all areas of the game and analyse them before, during and after the game.


  1. Don’t Spend Too Much Time Betting

Even though sports betting is lots of fun and can earn you some money, it should always just be treated as a hobby. Set yourself a time limit so that betting on games doesn’t take over your day-to-day life.


Conclusion: With the Right Approach, Every Bettor Can Get Better

There is always a way to improve… and anyone who starts sports betting with this attitude has a better chance of being successful in the long-term. Only those who want to learn – and don’t think they already know it all – can get better. Nothing can guarantee betting success, but hopefully, with our top 20 tips, you’ll have a much better chance.