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Wimbledon Men’s Final

The biggest day in Wimbledon has finally arrived-  The Wimbledon Men’s Final. We see a surprise match here, with both of the people expected to get here having been knocked out. Gone are Federer and Nadal… we have a final of Djokovic and the very surprising Anderson, from South Africa. Djokovic may well be favourite, but let’s not forget that Anderson managed to knock out Federer, which was no easy task. Having taken on and defeated the Wimbledon legend, he will be confident that he has what it takes to destroy anyone.

Then there’s Djokovic. He is always a strong opponent and had to work very hard against a very on form Nadal to secure his place in the final. With a strenuous 5-setter, the match may have taken a lot out of him physically and mentally. Obviously, odds on favourite is Djokovic, but odds on favourite yesterday was Williams – so if your tennis strategy was betting on the underdog, you’d have been quids in. Here is could go many different ways… it’s possible there will be an upset, but it’s also possible it could be a straight-set win for Djokovic. Either way, there are fantastic odds and promotions from the best bookmakers.

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N Djokovic 6 6 7
K Anderson 2 2 6