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Watching a sports match is a thrill in itself, but the game becomes more exciting once you start placing bets on the various odds and outcomes. Sports betting has been around for centuries and this applies to any sports and baseball is no exception. Being new to sports betting or a seasoned bettor, it’s vital to know the types of wagers you should be making for the baseball odds.

Money Lines for Baseball Odds

This is the most popular and simplest bet you can make in baseball as you simply pick the final outcome of the game. The moneylines bet is common in both baseball and hockey. This is done when the oddmakers determine which team is more likely to win and a price is set according to the probability of the score at the end of the game. The bigger the advantage of one team, the bigger the moneyline odds, which means the higher the wager required by the sports bettor is needed to pay on the best team.

What does this mean in figures? If Team A, let’s say Chicago Cubs, is playing against Team B, Boston Red Sox and the favourite team to win is Chicago Cubs, then the moneyline is set depending on the percentage of this probability. So in this case, Chicago Cubs victory would set the moneyline at -150. This negative moneyline effectively means that for every $1.50 bet, the winning return would be $1.00. For Boston Red Sox to win, the moneyline would be positive, at +120. In turn, this means that for every $1.00 bet, the winning return would be $1.20. So the choice bettors need to make is one of the favourites to win (-150) versus the underdog (+120). Essentially, betting on the underdog could give you a higher payout rate.

Runlines in Baseball Odds

Even though the moneylines bet is simple and popular, you can risk higher for a better reward, especially if you are feeling pretty confident about the outcome. In this case, you should opt for betting on the runlines. This type of baseball odds betting is similar to the pointspread in sports like football or basketball.

Back on the league game between Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs, presuming again that Chicago Cubs are the favourites to win, you would typically see -1.5 and +1.5 as options. Essentially, this indicates that the winner must win with over 1.5 runs and the loser must lose by less than 2 runs.

The vig on the runline favourite, here it would be Chicago Cubs, would always be profitable since the odds of the team winning by the set number of is slimmer.

Totals or Over/Under MLB Odds

This baseball odds bet is another common one where oddmakers must determine the total amount of runs scored by both teams and this number will be the betting total. Bettors must then pick whether the final score will be over or under the predetermined total on the board with MLB odds. So let’s say the total is at 8 runs and you wager over 8 runs and the Chicago Cubs beat Boston Red Sox at 5-4 then you would win the bet. If the score was 4-3 then you would lose the bet since it is under combined set of runs. However, if the final score is 5-3, then the game is graded a push, so your original bet would be returned.

Futures bets for Baseball Odds

These types of bets are wagered on long term outcomes that would happen within the division or season rather than the results and predictions for one single game. Predicting the future is no easy task, especially when you are placing a bet early in the season. If your bet comes through, then the MLB odds valuation would be beneficial and profitable for you with a big win. There are many futures bets you can place on the MLB odds such as the team that would win the division, awards won by individual players or milestones achieved and even total points throughout the season.

Throughout the various markets and the course of the season, the MLB odds are continuously adjusting as this depends on player injuries and game results among other factors. So if you think that Chicago Cubs can actually win the league, and you place a bet early on in the season such as at +800 odds and this turns out to be true you’ll certainly win a desirable amount.


Betting on baseball odds can certainly be entertaining. Many recreational bettors simply enjoy the thrill of making bets, but like in every sport – you win some and you lose some. It is the guessing and keeping up with the fluctuations twists and turns of the events that make the baseball league a dramatic experience.

9 December 2020
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