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Europa League

Europa League Odds 2019/20

The UEFA Europea League is a yearly football club competition that has been around since 1971. To qualify for the European Cup, the clubs need to perform within their national league and cup competitions.

This is the second-tier competition of European football, coming just below the UEFA Champions League. There are 104 teams that take pace in qualifying rounds, which is whittled down to 48 clubs who take part in the Group Stage and 32 in the knockout phase.

The Europa Cup was previously called the UEFA Cup; however, for footballing records purposes, they are considered the same competition.

Since its inception, the title has been held by 28 clubs, with 12 teams having won the title more than once. By far and away, the most successful club in the competition was Sevilla – having won the title 5 times.

However, the current holders are Chelsea, who beat Arsenal in the 2018-19 final.

9 December 2020
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