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Cricket Odds

Best Cricket Odds

Cricket betting is becoming ever more popular in the UK and with lots of test matches, ODIs and T20s going on all over the world at all different times of the year. As so, it’s important for cricket bettors to have access to the very best odds – and that’s where we come into it.

Online bookies vary immensely when it comes to their markets and odds for cricket. Countries like Australia may hit hard times, but some bookies will never write them off, while others lose their faith. So, here at BettingOnline, we scour all the top bookmakers to give you the best markets and odds from all the different bookies on our special odds page.

How You Bet on Cricket

When placing your bet on cricket, it’s easy… you pick choose your market, make your pick, find your bookmaker and make your bet – but what odds can you expect to find? What odds can you look for?

Single Match Betting

Well there are several areas in single matches that you can bet on:

  • The outright winner – picking the team you think will win the match.
  • You can hazard a guess on the first wicket method – will they be caught out, bowled out, run out, LBW, stumped or something else?
  • You can try to predict if you think there will be a fifty score in the match
  • Adding on to that, you can try to predict if you think there will be a hundred score in the match.
  • Then there’s under/over – you could bet on over/under the first innings score; over/under the highest individual score or over/under the total runs in the match.
  • Want to take a chance? You can bet on who wins the coin toss at the very beginning.
  • If you have been watching closely and know form, you can predict who will be man of the match.
  • You can put your money on what team will make the most run outs.

Whatever you bet on, you can get the best odds – to get more for your money.

Outright Betting?

When betting on cricket, one of the most popular types of bets to make is an outright bet for the tournament / test series.

  • Firstly, you can make a bet on the overall winner of the test matches or tournament.
  • You could also best on which team/s will make the tournament final.
  • You could bet on who would be awarded man of the match for the test match / tournament.
  • Then you might try to predict the stage of the elimination of the team.

Live Betting

You can also bet on a cricket match whilst it’s already in play – you can bet on:

  • Firstly, you could still predict the winner of the match
  • Try betting on the race to 10 runs
  • You could predict the team with the highest 6/10/15 Overs Score
  • Then you could wager on the total match sixes.

Whatever you want to bet on – get the right odds, make the right choices and you really could be quids in with the help of BettingOnline.

9 December 2020
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