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It is one of the biggest and best footballing leagues in the world and the Premier League season starts in August. 

With the transfer window closing in August, the teams will all be set to go from the beginning, with some shiny new squads in place.

How do Transfers Affect Premier League Odds?

The transfer window has seen some interesting signings and we can see the teams who are spending the money to make an impact this season.

There will be some teams that have made or will make some huge signings. However, there are other teams in the league who might just let the opportunity pass them by.

How will these decisions affect the next season?

Pre-Season Friendlies and the Premier League Betting Odds

We’ve also had some interesting pre-season friendlies to watch while we’ve been waiting. Some teams like Wolves and Watford will only play a few matches; however, Arsenal leads the table with an impressive 9 friendlies.

The Odds on Premier League Are Out

The fixtures and odds are out now, and as the games kick off, here at BettingOnline, we will be able to see whose new players are making a big difference to the matches.

The season starts off with Liverpool taking on Norwich, in what should be a relatively straight forward game for the Champion League champions. The odds on a Liverpool victory are pretty decent, so that’s where most people’s money will be at – and we’ll be looking to see if their transfers make an impact on the game.

Other interesting games kicking off the season are West Ham v Man City. Man City are huge favourites to win this game, and judging by recent form this is a fair judgement. However, West Ham can never be written off, and form is yet to be proven, so if you bet on West Ham to win, you’d be quids in.

Another game to look out for is Man U v Chelsea who will face off at the Old Trafford at 17.30 on Sunday. The Blues are going to want come out all guns blazing with the new manager, and fresh squad – but Man United won’t be an easy team to beat and this could go either way.

This season will definitely be worth watching. Will the big clubs stay in the top four or will we see some surprise teams causing an upset? Everybody is starting with the highest hopes and expectations.

9 December 2020
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