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Champions League

Champions League Betting Odds 2019/20

The Champions League is a yearly football tournament organised by UEFA and contested by the very top teams in European football.

This is seen to be one of the most prestigious club competitions in the world. The top teams in each European League compete to become the champion of champions. As such, the Champions League final is the most watched yearly sporting event in the world.

The tournament was introduced in 1992 and replaced the European Champion Club’s Cup, which had been around since 1955.

It started off as a straight forward knockout competition only open to the winner of each league. However, a group stage was added which allowed multiple entries from certain nations. As such, some of the top football European countries can include up to 5 clubs.

After qualifying rounds are played, 32 teams make it to the group stages, with 16 making it to the knockout phase. The most successful club to have participated in the tournament is Real Madrid, having won 13 times – and the club is the current title holder.

9 December 2020
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